Girls and Mini Bikes

I had posted a pic in my custom tank thread the other day and a fellow member said I should post it here... reference my father/daughter project... in that pic, she apparently "wasnt ready" and I told her her pic was requested on the forum... of course she couldnt stop smiling about that, as if she is some sort of celebrity or sumthin!

attempted again and again, until she approved...

apparently she wasnt ready...

wasnt ready again (trying to look serious wont work for her too long)!\

mad at daddy after the 6th picture (laughing)...

apparently this is what "ready" looks like, GEEZUS (crazy girl)!
not a real fancy pic... but was in the garage putting a motor on my wifes kart. wasnt really paying attention to my daughter, but by the time i noticed what she was doing, she had her motor bolted up onto her bike... apparently, she is not waiting on me to put it together!

she spent the rest of the time trying to figure out how to hook up the throttle! lol... she doesnt know im going to change the carb and remote tank... but ill let her figure that out after shes done