Hack-A-Cat 12" stretched Bobber

I figured I'd share my latest mess , This is the Cat Slingshot I bought 6-7 months ago ( I only new it was a Cat ) sight unseen , wow it was a hacked up disaster !
So there was no chance of a correct restoration , Took it apart , blasted the frame and primed it and has been sitting since .
Now I decided to stretch it 12" , making new upper frame tubes , reshaped the ass end and making a new proper fork neck tube , also new engine plate and it will receive a lightly modded Predator , this is what we accomplished over the weekend !
A lotta mo pics to come as I continue :thumbsup:


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chipper that is pretty cool :thumbsup: did you sleeve the tubes for added support ? are you going to add a jackshaft or tensioner that is going to be a long chain :thumbsup:
Tubes are sleeved w/solid rods and yes chain tensioner , no jack shaft , I think with a good tensioner It'll be fine , the bike is really gonna be for cruising and mainly looking cool , lol . This is a design as I go project , I got a really good grinder:grind::grind:
Yea its getting the Predator that is in the pic , I got two Predators with the ElTigre I bought , one was literally brand new :smile:
Hell yea stretching is good . I'am all about making these a little longer , it makes them ride better and stay on the ground when you add big power .
Going to enjoy watching this one .:thumbsup:
Thanks guys , I was gonna work on upper frame tubes tonight but mother in law had a trip to the ER , Got to stay the night for more tests ?
Since it's a custom build and a Cat with a jacked up fork neck I'd find some 1 3/8" ID tubing and replace it so you could run bearings for a better steering situation. Just a thought, I have one from time to time.