Heald super trike belt

Hello All i have a Heald Super trike with an 11Hp Briggs and Stratton motor on it and i need a new belt. i have no clue what size since i did not get one with the trike and this trike does not have reverse. Please comment below what size belt. Thank you all.
beltpalace.com is the place to go for your belt . (317-519-9020) They got the belts and disc brake parts from Power Tec before they went out of business . Great place to do business with . Prompt shipping and prices are reasonable .
Here is what you need. It should be a 40 series torque converter and all you have to do is look at the belt chart, measure the driven (should be a 7 1/2) or rear pulley and then the distance between the 2 shafts.

Driven diameter and center to center will give you the correct Comet belt number.

Here is the chart. You can order right off the chart when you find the correct one.

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