Hello all OldMiniBikes members, Todd here from MN. I have 1970 & 71 speedway silver shadow

I'm currently battling and suffering from chronic Lyme disease. I joined 1-1/2 years ago but got confused when I would try posting so I would just give up. it's not you it's me and the effects of Lyme disease.
I love minibikes, 1967 & 68 Camaro's and riding my 2012 Harley cvo streetglide. I also like collecting old signs, gas pumps, etc
I have been extremely sick for 2 years so my life has been on hold except cleaning minibike parts and pieces when I can, these minibikes seam to be the only thing I enjoy and parts are small enough for me to handle.

my list of minibikes

1970 speedway Silver shadow
1971 speedway Silver shadow
1971 speedway Scarab
2X 1971 speedway Scorpion
Alexander Reynolds

I will post pictures of my projects someday when I learn how.

Jeesh.....way past your bedtime old man !!! Everybody please welcome Todd, I've known him for a very long time and he's a GREAT guy. He's got some pretty killer bikes as you can see.

Great to see you on here Todd !!!
hi Todd, welcome, I am pretty new here myself, I am north of you a ways. just north of Mpls. my wife's grandma is from Fairmount the name is Oskarson, Oscarson, they changed it somewhere along the time line. maybe get together somewhere down the line, would like to see a mini bike rodeo somewhere in the upper Midwest, next year I am thinking about going to the Winber event.
Hi fox track, getting together sounds good, I get up your way once and awhile, my boy lives up there. a rodeo in the area sound good also. I'm hoping I will feel good enough next year to go to Winber, sounds like a great family event, hope I can take my grandchildren with, maybe we can car pool? call some time 507-236-7706