Help with Carb linkage for 1970 Boonie Bike

Can anybody help me with the carb linkage for my 1970 boonie bike? I took apart the carb to put new baskets on it and am having trouble getting the linkage working properly. The carb is for a 5 hp Briggs and Straton. Any photos of your setup would help.

Any advice is appreciated.
My brother-in-law and I were tinkering with the linkage and got it working. The spring that attaches to the rod connected to the governor was in the wrong place as well as the clip connecting two pieces of the linkage together. The bike ran fine when started. I need to put the air filter back on the carb as it seems to starve for gas after the throttle is released back to idle. I assume the lack of backpressure may be causing too much air to be drawn into the motor.

Thank you for the help.

What bike(s) do you own?
Well I hope you guys got it running good because they are no fun when they don't run right...

I have a Boonie (which is what I had as a kid) a Lil Indian 600, Lil Indian 700, Lil Indian 7000 and I'm scratch building a Frijole style mini. The Boonie is the only ridable on at this time :doah: