Honda clone rpm's with governer removed.?

hi all
I m doing my first build on a ct200u with a honda clone. So far I removed governer. Swapped in a new 3/4 crank.Put arc billet rod. Pvl flywheel with 4 degree key 18 lb valve springs, mikuni 22 mm carb and a torque conveter, as well as a cs grind cheater cam. I also have a 60 tooth rear and a ten tooth front with 420 chain
My question is before I put in the torque converter i was spinning over 6000 rpms and with the tav im only spinning 4600. Does this sound right? Or did I do something wrong I'm not catching. Currently bike is topping out at 38. I was hoping to get mid 40's.
This is the first time i ever built and engine and im hooked.. i was happy it started and ran after i cracked it open. Any help to get me to the mid 40's would be great


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Makes perfect sense that you would get less RPM at top speed with the torque converter because of the gearing once the belt shifts to "high".

I have seen a lot of videos with people measuring top speed on these Colemans after they installed a torque converter. A recent one I watched had a guy replace his engine with a bone stock 196cc Greyhound and got 37 mph with the stock Coleman gearing. Why would you get only 38 with better gearing and what should be a more powerful engine is a good question.

You may want to look into modifying your torque converter to keep the belt from shifting as long as possible and try a 9 tooth sprocket to get the rpm up at top speed.

Here's a guy who got mid 40's with a governed 212 with only a stage 1 kit and 9/60 sprockets. He never opened the engine. IMO this is the way to go for people new to these bikes.

I'm going to try the 9 tooth and I just ordered the juggernaut. After this thats it. I have enough parts now I'm going to get a junkyard bike and build it.
I just did the same ordered the juggernaut, but make sure to change your driven spring in your tav converter to a stiffer yellow spring for quicker downshifting, and higher top speed...

My set up 10t tav to 59 tooth tire = 5.9 gear ratio (with a torque converter you want your ratio around 6.0)with 14.5" tires. Got the juggernaut on order with a yellow driver spring on order too. I also have the 7" driven, and not the 6" which helps get more RPMs out of the TAV.

Long story short - Grab yourself a yellow driver spring & gear it around 6.0 depending on tire size. If you could grab yourself a 7" driven it wouldn't hurt. They also make bando belts which are even stronger than comet belts ( If taller then 14.5" tires try 6.5-7.0 gear ratio