How to post pictures (Test Area)


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Okay, so it seems some of the members here are having some issues with posting... no problem.

There are a couple of ways to put pictures on the website. The best way for everyone would be to upload them to the Photo Album located at the top of every page.

1) Click "Photo Album"

2) Decide if you need to have an album specifically for the photo(s) you're going to post. For example, if it's a single picture you can upload it into the main directory. If you want to upload a few pics of a certain project, part, etc it would be best to create it's own album, so people can find it easier in the future.

3) To upload to the MAIN directory (no album specified) click "Upload Photos" on the right hand side of the page.

4) Select the photos you wish to upload from your computer: Using the browse button to the right locate the file on your computer. Next, enter a title for the name - Filling these fields out helps everyone, when they are searching for a specific picture so be sure to fill it out properly. Then fill in a brief description (if possible), and then some keywords - If you uploaded a picture of an Arctic Cat Screamer, you would want "arctic cat screamer" in the keywords section.

5)Uploading pictures into an album that YOU created specifically for this "project", part, or series of pics. After you click photo album, look for "My Albums", then create a new one by clicking that link.Fill in the name, description and whether you want it public or private (private is useless!)
After you have created your album, it will show up below the "My Albums" area. Click "Upload Photos" - This will make the default upload location your new album. Follow the steps in #4

Next, posting them into the forum.

1) If the photo is located in the photo album, you can goto "My Photos", "My Albums" to find the picture you'd like to post into the forum. Below the photo there are some options.

UBBCode - Right now, is for thumbnails of the pictures (smaller versions)

HTML Code is used when you want to post it on a webpage that accepts HTML code, a blog is an example.

Direct Link - This is the one you'll want to use until I add more code options (more on that later) - Click the URL next to Direct Link, it will auto highlight, and you need to copy that (CTRL+C - or right click on the URL, COPY).

Once you have the image URL ready to be pasted into the thread, just paste it in (CTRL+V or right click in the message body PASTE)

Surround the URL with IMG brackets



(remove the "-" from the brackets, i had to add them so you could see the code, otherwise it posts the picture!)

And this is what you end up with. You can also do this with a photo located somewhere else, your personal ftp/webspace, another webpage, etc

If anyone has ANY questions on how to post photos, or make use of any other features on the site, do not hesitate to contact me. Also, if this is too complex, or not detailed enough, let me know and I can add to it!:rockon:
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when you grab the photo from the photo album use the "direct link" URL - that one will give you a medium sized photo, good for the forum. you used the thumbnail one--

but on that note, I'll go ahead and switch some things in there to make it easier for people


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I wanted to add my Prowler to the main Arctic Cat gallery,but I keep getting the message"Problem running JPEGTRANS-Error Code 2"
I followed the directions you posted.

Do I have the nessessary permissions to post pics to the gallery?


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Hey Den,

I just tried to upload a pic and did successfully. Try again and if it doesn't work, could you e-mail me the pic?

Would like to get this issue (if it still exists) resolved.



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Hi Hent..

I don't know if you did anything on your end,but I finally got a pic to post.The only thing I did different was shrinking the pic down a bit.(the original was 451kb,the edited one is 84kb.Maybe that was the problem)

Either way,I'm in!:thumbsup: