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  3. ole4

    Building a non hemi predator Test Motor

    I am starting a thread on a non hemi predator motor. This engine came off a Kart my nephews kids race on a kart in my backyard. It was a stock Non Predator engine and I never had an interest in it as I find the hemi to be a much better platform for my engine builds. The reason for this is that I...
  4. Daniel Coop

    "Po' White Trash" stretched DB30s payoff test ride

    After a long build, I finally had the opportunity (time/weather) to break it out and bring it's Childish Concepts Racing built 5 bolt Grayhound clone to life and go for a quick test ride.
  5. W



    The great flywheel test and video.

    I received a used flywheel from a very generous member here whose name will not be revealed until the credits of said movie. In preparation,the flywheel is going to be balanced, polished and magnafluxed or x-rayed to make certain no pre-existing cracks are present. In preparing for the...
  7. Midyrman

    For Sale: Bonanza MB1210 TC

    Bonanza MB1210 TC Rare torque converter Bonanza bike with tall jack shaft mounts to accommodate the large driven gear. Tecumseh 3.5hp. 1970. Model H35-45142H. Serial 0237. (see picture) Believed to be original to the bike. Needs timing set and tune- up. Original Bonanza data...
  8. Newoldstock

    A beta test

    Just reading over at Bob's 4 cycle. Sneaks pulled over 15 hp on an unmodified series three carb. Lets build a Hemi .
  9. Dr. Shop Teacher

    Simple to Make Mini-bike Test Stand--Save a trip to the ER

    Pure coincidence that the immediate post prior to this one is review-ish of the Harbor Freight Bike stand. I, too, bought one and it is just fine for putting a frame that is in balance on it, otherwise one needs to support either the front or rear or clamp the frame to the stand. I bought it to...
  10. j57little

    Rupp Knowledge Test

    Below are questions where many Rupp experts might have answers. The prize for providing the most correct answers may be limited to epic bragging rights, but the answers may also help me in my restoration efforts. Some statements below are deliberately false - just testing! True or False...
  11. Michrina First Test

    Michrina First Test

    Regis Michrina testing the first model 600 2 speed lil indian mini bike.
  12. jackeo21

    Jackeo21's - Vintage Class - Tru Test - OldMiniBikes Build Off 2016

    Well, to be honest, I never thought I'd ever get the chance to enter in the OldMiniBikes build off, but, here I am! I'm entering in the Vintage Open Class. My bike is a 1970's New Zealand built Tru Test. I have the frame, forks, wheels, sprocket, chain, and axles/bushings. I picked up this bike not...
  13. motormike

    Image size test posting

    ..and there's this.
  14. D

    New member test

    Quick introduction, I'm Dave from Pa. I am here to learn and have fun doing so.
  15. H

    how to test a hs40 ignition coil

    I have a 1971 hs 40 with no fire I removed the flywheel and sanded the points put it back together and it fired once and hadn't fired sense I'm a automotive mech so I have some understanding of how the system works but I'm not sure how to test the coil and mabey its the condensor . Would...
  16. Fatboy04

    Cat 300 X

    Derek has all ready told me it was a Cat 300X, But my concern is the seat and motor. Not original I'm guessing . Thanks for any help on this.
  17. S

    Test lighting coil?

    I just picked up a Tecumseh with lighting coil. It been sitting for a while with gas in it, so I'm cleaning the tank and carb. Once I get it going how can I test the light?
  18. D

    this might be ok to post here New vintage kart mall on the net

    Hi guys, i am one of the admins. at the vintage kart forum. occasionally i come over here to check out what goes on. i think the two stroke minibike guys would like the new web store we just opened. it's addy Vintage Kart Mall | EVERYTHING VINTAGE KARTERS NEEDS TO RESTORE OR REBUILD THEIR...
  19. M

    Tav test ride video

    Took the bike out for a test ride it a good day. Dutch and the Doodle bully Tav test - YouTube
  20. S

    Stock Manco Thunderbird weight limit

    Anybody know how much rider weight a stock Manco Thunderbird will hold. I'm rebuilding it for my son but I would like to "test drive" it once in a while. I weigh 260lbs though. Thanks.