How to post pictures (Test Area)

I started uploading before I created a gallery, assuming I could move them to my gallery once I was done....but apparently I can't do that OR delete them & upload them again. Am I SOL or what?

Alsg_ard and Mikes Bikes, if you're having trouble loading pictures into your gallery and are just trying to post pictures on the forums, try this

Go to ImageShack® - Image Hosting, load your picture(best size is "for message boards"), click it to enlarge it(your picture), right click the picture and go to copy image location, paste it img] *here* /img] add a [ to the front of both the img things(and there's no *'s)

Sorry if I lost anyone.
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koolaid man,

the only problem with that is that imageshack runs out of bandwidth on the pic, and then it's no longer available, rendering threads useless without pics.


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2nd testing

No trouble posting pics for a year or the last week can't get a pic to post.

Just now attempted to upload a pic from my computer but got an "Upload error".

Now trying again useing a different pic in "My Pictures". Well, well, it worked with that picture! But won't with the other picture! What's the story? Both were taken with the same camera and put into "My Pictures" in exactly the same manner.