How to post pictures (Test Area)


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when you grab the photo from the photo album use the "direct link" URL - that one will give you a medium sized photo, good for the forum. you used the thumbnail one--

but on that note, I'll go ahead and switch some things in there to make it easier for people


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I wanted to add my Prowler to the main Arctic Cat gallery,but I keep getting the message"Problem running JPEGTRANS-Error Code 2"
I followed the directions you posted.

Do I have the nessessary permissions to post pics to the gallery?
Hey Den,

I just tried to upload a pic and did successfully. Try again and if it doesn't work, could you e-mail me the pic?

Would like to get this issue (if it still exists) resolved.



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Hi Hent..

I don't know if you did anything on your end,but I finally got a pic to post.The only thing I did different was shrinking the pic down a bit.(the original was 451kb,the edited one is 84kb.Maybe that was the problem)

Either way,I'm in!:thumbsup: