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Very nice! Can you show a pic of the other side? Chain looks close to 1:1, so I am curious...
It’s a Tecumseh star engine from 1987. The gearing is a 40t rear sprocket and a 14t clutch bell. It’s way too fast. 1-2.85 ratio. I wanted it geared for 100mph. But at 5200rpm it’s already doing 75ish mph. I just ordered more gears. I don’t know how it’s gona work out as it pulls pretty hard with the current gearing. But I’m gona try a 52t and a 48t rear sprocket. I just took the first tuning rides this week and when I got it tuned in with that carb it’s pretty fast. I haven’t even got to full throttle yet. I’m 215lbs and it’s still pretty fast with me on it. When I get home I’ll post more pics.
You NEED more brakes! Are the tires rated for Highway speeds?
Have fun and be safe. Dave
Well I definitely need better brakes. It stops. But not great. The back tire is a racing go kart tire and seems to be good. The Amazon front rim and tire shake like hell at about 70mph. I’m pulling the entire bike apart for paint this weekend and going threw all the issues that need to be addressed. And hopefully the couple of guys I talked to on here sell me the parts they have so I can freshen up the engine. I’d like to keep it running as hard as it does now. It’s the first mini bike I’ve built in over 20 years. So I’m just getting back into the hobby now. So to answer your question. Hell no. It is not highway speed safe yet. Lol but it’s fast as hell.
I haven’t been able to find a single useable part for this engine. So I had to make em all.
Intake/exhaust. Valve cover. Cylinder heat shield. Copper head gasket at .032 thick. I milled the head and decked it back flat. Made ring spacers and ram thinner rings. Max ported intake and exhaust. Swirled the valve and under cut them. Cut the seats 3 angle. Still has the stock standard 3.303” piston. So if anyone knows anybody with Tecumseh star parts. I do need springs and a rod bearing are a definite that possibly a couple guys on here have but any other help would be appreciated and compensated. Skip said he found springs and BOBCO said he might have a bearing. So I am extremely appreciative if they have the time to send stuff out but I’m not gona pressure those guys to go out of their way for me.