I need to knowwww! Predator 212

Ok guys so I currently have a predator 212 stock on my baja doodle bug and all I did to it was by pass the governor. It is currently maxing out at 37mph. But I know ordered a 11' header with pipe, a performance air filter, and a 140 e-tube with the .36 and .37 jets. And I, waiting for all of that to arrive. But I was wondering how fast would it go with all of that? Will it be a big difference? How many mph? And also when I connect the filter what do I do with the hoses connected to the stock one? Thank you:thumbsup:


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Hey King...welcome to the madness...but first let's discuss some rules

Here in OldMiniBikes land, we do not condone the use of non-governed engines due the the explosive potential of liability! All of these engines are designed to max out at 3600 +/- RPM...if you want to go fast, you need to spend some money! There is a tab at the top of the page that will link you to OldMiniBikes warehouse. The have billet parts and camshafts to help you make power. At minimum you will need a billet flywheel (To protect future generations of your direct descendents) and a billet connecting rod. While you are apart, you may as well throw in a more aggressive camshaft. These engines have a tendency to self destruct if they are not used as intended.
As far as your header goes, 11 feet may be too long...will make it hard to go around some corners!
In regards to the extra hoses...you really only need two hoses on a Predator motor...the one that supplies gas to the carb and one to vent out the valve cover

Have fun, go fast, but please be safe. I am sure there are Predator motors going 80MPH, but about the only stock part on it is the pull starter!
It's still going to do about 37mph; it will just accelerate faster up to that point unless you change the gear ratio.
with a 12t clutch and 70 or 71 tooth rear, your stock doodle bug will prob top out at around 45 mph (thats what mine topped out at, initially), like 65SC said...

what is your goal?

next mods could be:
-BILLET Flywheel
-Isky Black Mamba or Mamba Jr cam, comes with 26lb springs and oil
-change gear ratio according to how fast you want to go and your mods, can be done in the rear, using a split sprocket adaptor and split sprockets

- calculate this using:
AGK - Top-Speed Calculator - Affordable Go Karts
yep, gearing is everything. I've got a blue clone with all the goodies, and it turns around 8000 rpms. You need to think rpms with these. That will help you determine what gearing you'll need to reach a certain speed. keep in mind that gearing for a high top end will take away your low end torque. I've found that low end torque is a little more fun on minis and karts. In most cases, I don't get above 3500 rpms. I just bought a new hemi head pred, and I'm not even gonna remove the gov on this one because I don't think I'll need to go much above 3500 rpms in most situations.