Is there a market for full suspension mini bikes?

I started off just slopping a bike together for my four year old who couldn't touch the ground on the old Wren I have. My other son is seven and complains about how bumpy the yard is, we live in the country so it's all off-road riding. And I came up with this but I wasn't quit happy with it. I wanted more of a street tracker type look and plus it came out too long.

I also am not happy with the springer fork. It works well and I will save it for a different style bike but it makes corners very wide and just does not fit the look I want. I cut it back apart an ended up with this.

I added a side shield but I can't keep the kid off it long enough to paint it yet.

My seven year old wants a new one now because he likes this so much better than the Wren. This time I built jigs for the frame rails the swing arm an an assembly jig. This is where I'm at after about twelve hours of work.

Today I am going to finish the forks and install the mono-shock.

Do you guys think there could be a market for these frames or full bikes? Is there anyone on here that I can maybe collaborate with on making some of the parts that my tools limit me on like all the 3/16 tabs? Any help or advice would be appreciated. I'm not working and wondering how much time and money I should sink into this?
I love the idea but unfortunatly to compete with comercialy produced bikes you would end up working for little or nothing.
Maybe a fork kit to convert DBugs to front suspension would fly ?
Just my thoughts.


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Then of course the lawyers will need their cut. Then your liability insurance, oh then the federal government will want a piecs of the pie, oh, then the patent folks will want a deal. Then of course you will need liciencing fees state and local sales tax, and of course federal taxes. Oh and the tax on the tax and the capital gains tax, but wait, you will need workers comp insurence, then there is the... wait I am talking you out of it.
It is tough, that is why there are none or few around due to all of the red tape and extra costs.
I think you are on to something though.


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For easier swing arms, try buying minicycle swing arms as I have found using Suzuki ds80 swing arms on taco or Steen's lynx mini frames very easy to adapt.
The more I think about it a bolt on kit for the Db would be a great idea .
No engine /drive line to worry about and its an accessary not a bike so no serial number or registration bs to deal with.
Nothing says a man can't make em and Ebay em. You see it all the time. There were minibike frames for sale made by an outfit called "Lotsoffunstuff" who also made some seats of mediocre quality. I'd put one up for sale and gauge the market that way, it's a cannot miss proposition. You sink or you swim. Good luck to you.:thumbsup:
An easy deal bigrob but DB forks need more engineering for springs, I did it by cutting 4" off my forks and welding spring cups from a vintage mini and then twisted the lowers on. The forks are not strong enough to have each leg move independently, I found the weak spot and it was well above my work. Boxing the forks with a plate will fix it but I got slugging and plug weld work to do before I ride those forks again. I'd make a kit if I could secure a dedicated punch press to form the ends exact every time. I'd be better off selling turn key forks with exchange only but I don't have time for either. I laid the groundwork if someone wants to follow, it's an easy deal and the right guy could make some real $.

I kinda dig the forks I made. I used bushings to slide up an 11" hardened 5/8 bolt with the top threaded into a bolt that is securely welded to the fork legs. My front wheel is 15 1/2" so the leg will never get close to the ground.

She is nearly ready for paint and a seat. Let the boy take it for a test ride tonight. He said its too fast. I think it needs a longer throw on the throttle arm. It goes from standing still to throwing you off the back in half a second. It even pulls me back.

Figured that I can build the frame with shocks for about $55. Takes about two days to build a frame. If I can get $250 for a frame it would be worth my time since I'm not working. I don' know, what do you think? I know the experts on here will have a good idea.


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Figured that I can build the frame with shocks for about $55. Takes about two days to build a frame. If I can get $250 for a frame it would be worth my time since I'm not working. I don' know, what do you think? I know the experts on here will have a good idea.
Seriously, I'd think the thing you'd have to watch out for the most, is selling one of these, some guy hurts himself with it, and then tries to sue you for everything you are worth. People sue for all sorts of reasons, or NO reason now a days. Especially in something like this. If you go ahead, talk to a lawyer and ask him if it would do any good for you to make people sign a legal form taking ALL responsibility for anything that may happen. Then, see your insurance agent, and get a $1,000,000 umbrella liability policy attached to your house insurance. They are fairly cheap, and might save your butt.

Otherwise, if you can pull this all off and make some money, that would be great!


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look at LLC. Pretty simple (cheap to do) file on schedule "C" can write off all kinds of stuff to show little income, got to pay yourself whatever you decide for a salary that will get taxed..about 13%. They would have to sue the LLC and not you personally...not completely sure on that part but at the very least that would shelter you quite a bit. I had a LLC for a few years and I was able to do pretty good with "Uncle Sugar"
Limited liability company - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
All good points. Lots to think about. Luckily I'm not worth anything but I don't want to loose my future and children's future in a lawsuit. The LLC might be the way to go. I'm going to do some research on that and think about it.

I hate the red tape! It's a good product. I finally rode it tonight and can't even scrub the grin off my face. The motor is box fresh, I left the governor alone and I could gain speed up the hill in my front yard. So much damn fun.

I appreciate the input even though I'm bumming a little cause I know your right. What happened to the great entrepreneur possibilities in America. We are in a sad state these days.


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You don't have much liability anyway. You are selling a frame. Bad welds is about it. most people that buy it aren't going to be goofs anyway so that's a plus. Selling a complete unit would be a different matter. Notice your competition just sells frames and components, the customer has to buy the motor.
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If you make em at home and sell em as you go an LLC is not needed, you are selling art not vehicles see. Red tape is just tape dyed red, it needs not be an obstacle. As liability goes since you are an individual selling a minibike the buyer assumes responsibility once it leaves your house. Complicate it and it will be complicated.:laugh: