Jeep2003 and friends Mini Mini Open class

Got it done! First things first got the engine put together. then stuck it on and fitted the chain and throttle. Leo couldnt resist hopping on it to see how it feels. His legs are too short but I think he will manage :laugh: Maby a riding video soon :thumbsup:

Glad you guys like it ! It looks really cool in person. Leaving it bare metal like it is but ill mess with it a bit more to clean up the rough spots and dab some paint on here and there to finish it off. I may put a numper plate on the front . I painted the clutch black and that helped make the chain look like its suposed to be there. :smile:
I live in vegas and have a raptor but am fairly new to offroadingsince Ive had the truck, what are some good trails or paths to check out?