Hey Jeep2003 what is this

    Your starting to scare me lol
  2. jeep2003

    Jeep2003's - Micro Motor Bike - (Anything Goes)

    This bike is going to be a little motorcycle looking thing like an Indian MM5A. Iv got a motorized bicycle kit 80cc fitted with a pull start. And for wheels im just using little 12.5" childrens bicycle wheels. I considered widening them but now im not sure I may leave them as is. I got the frame...
  3. creia

    Shoutout (and thank you) to jeep2003

    I recently purchased some reproduction parts made by jeep2003 (Bryan). The quality was excellent and Bryan's "technical support" helping me with the installation was stellar and very much appreciated. We are very fortunate to have professional fabricators like him on our forum- Thank you Bryan...
  4. jeep2003

    VESPA Scooter Scratch built by Jeep2003

    This bike will be a scooter looking like an old Vespa but smaller. Im using 4" wheels from an Arco. The engine is an old 2 stroke Tecumseh I think from a little snowblower. It runs good and seems powerful enough. I filed down the shaft to fit the 5/8" clutch. The old one was small with a big...
  5. jeep2003

    Another Scratch Build by Jeep2003

    Time for a new progect so I puled out this frame I built a few years ago when I first got my bender. Im using a beauitiful old original 1964 Briggs. Its a tight squeeze on the air filter I might have to spread the frame a hair to keep from wearing on the paint. But im going with a 6" manco in...
  6. mrpat

    Calling Jeep2003

    This guy built a walking chariot that's powered by a 20-volt cordless drill | Fox News I saw this at lunch today at work and immediately thought of Jeep2003 and his creativeness. I know it's not a mini bike, but still cool as hell. What do YOU think?
  7. hemigremmy

    jeep2003 tank build thread?

    Where did the tank build thread go to?
  8. jeep2003

    "Goliath" Mini Tank - Jeep2003 MT2W 2014

    I will be building my version of a WWII Goliath mini tank for this years 2014 buildoff. Using 11hp Briggs and riding mower transaxle. Homemade tracks from old tires and angle iron.
  9. jeep2003

    Jeep2003 and friends Mini Mini Open class

    My freinds Leo and Skully overheard all the grinding iv been doing and decided to join in on the fun. They arnt members here but Im helping them along the way and letting them use my tools. Heres the entry pic. Bottle of milk for a beverage. Skully loves his milk. Gotta keep those bones strong...
  10. jeep2003

    Jeep2003's Radical Ramrod BBO 2013 Open Class

    Heres my Arctic cat Ramrod with cheeftah wheels. Building a girder fork for it. Also the tank will be made from an old blower shroud. And ill be building a mild briggs for it. I may rework the seat pan area Im not sure yet. Gotta build a swingarm for it aswell. Should be pretty mean :thumbsup:
  11. jeep2003

    Hillcat Style tandem scratch build Jeep2003 Open Class

    Heres my main entry for the 2012 BBO . I made the frame last winter completly from scratch as well as the trail-tamer style forks. As you can see the frame has springs incorporated into it which presented its own set of challenges. The hard part still come lies in the rear end. It will be a...