Just Got Honda CT 70

Hey all
Just picked this up. Neat Ride. I would like to get a title for it, just wondered if anyone else has experance getting one. I am in Ohio. I did have a Bill of Sale filled out. The owner did not have a title, he bought it about 10 years ago. Said he never got a title with. Just looking for advice. Thanks.

Thanks guys,
550 bucks i figured i could not pass it up.

I had heard that it is impossible to get a title in Ohio. Maybe that is just a myth. The guy i brought it from never had a title for it and its not the original owner.
Take the VIN to your local police station and run the number through the NCIC computer to see if it is stolen first. Just ask them, generally, "hey I'm thinking about buying this". This should be a free service.

If Ohio is reluctant with only a bill of sale, try getting it registered first in Vermont. You will not get a title with Vermont but you will get a plate and registration good.for a year (costs $71.00) that might break the Ohio DMV log jam.

I have done this three times here in Louisiana to get a title on three old Honda minibikes.


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I never had too much of a problem.

We have a local DMV, that is ran by 2 old ladies. They have known me forever. If I take them a bill of sale, they will print me up a title. Pretty sweet for me :drinkup:
Well I just called the Title Office for my county, and the said I have to go through the court system!?!?! Does not sound as easy as people are saying.

I called the BMV first, told them the situation to see what form I needed to fill out, and they said they could not help me and I need to just call the title office. Maybe that is why the bike was such a good buy.:doah:
This can be accomplished in one of three ways:
■a letter from the manufacturer stating that the vehicle meets FMVSS
■a picture of the FMVSS sticker on the vehicle including the VIN or
■the manufacturer's certificate of origin (MCO) stating that the vehicle is FMVSS compliant.

If you purchase a motor scooter or mini-motorcycle and obtain the proper documentation to prove its road worthiness, then you may proceed to the nearest county Clerk of Courts Title office to have a title issued for your vehicle.

Do you have a sticker that says something like: "This vehicle conforms to applicable Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards in effect on the date of manufacture".

I couldn't find evidence of any MSO's issued, or Honda certifications on FMVSS.

By the way, here in AZ, I'd just call the cops, they'd come and check the serial # and run it, then sign the form, then I'd go to DMV and get a title, and be able to operate both on and off road. Big difference between the states on this.
I have to get a similar form signed here by the Louisiana State Police but this is very easy as long as everything works, lights, turn signals, etc plus mirrors.


Two Honda ST90 and Two CT90 Bikes
2006 Honda Foreman 500 (Resto In Progress)
Here in Connecticut any thing that old all we need is a bill of sale and they don't issue a new title just a set of plates after a safety inspection :doah: Hell I'll give you your $550 back and come pick it up :thumbsup: