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How do you know you can run "anything you want?"

I think the answer Solo wanted to hear was "I asked a track official about running minibikes and they specifically said it was okay" or "because I've run them at Sacramento Raceway before without a problem."

A lot of tracks won't allow minibikes if they don't meet the minimum definition of a motorcycle with front suspension and a front brake.
Got ya I'll give them a call and get detailed info for everyone.
Hello all and Merry Christmas to you and your families... i had pm'd a few people, hadnt gotten a response yet... what i am looking for is a reliable/trustworthy person/shop who can dyno tune my motor, including ensuring that i have installed and adjusted my push rods correctly... lol... also need an actual header that will help the motor perform to whatever potential it has... i have a new motor to build or step it up from this one, once this motor is done...

if you have someone in mind that has a good turn around time (like same day or close!) and is in southern california, please pm me and let me know... many of you guys do not frequent the other threads in the forum, so thought i would ask here...

this is where i am at with my motor, it is no where near as fast as your bikes, but would like it to run great and to its potential, whatever that is, before i move forward with the other motor... i want that motor to be more aggressive, so maybe the same person can help me out with that too...