Lifan vs. Predator


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I was looking at the HF Predator 13hp engine and I found that Home Depot had the Lifan for a cheaper price and what seems like a better warranty. The Lifan not only has the manual and electric start, but also the 3 amp charging system, whereas the Predator doesn't.

Anyone try one of the 13 hp Lifans and any feedback? I wasn't planning on modding the engine, rather just run it as is.


LIFAN 1 in. 13 HP 389cc OHV Electric Start Horizontal Keyway Shaft Gas Engine-LF188F-BDQ - The Home Depot
The predators are made by Lifan.

Get whatever one suits your needs. I'm getting the lifan 9HP home Depot sells here shortly for a Toro riding mower. The second generation Harbor freight greyhound was a Lifan as well FYI.
I Stand corrected. The old predator was a Lifan. I Just saw a new hemi head at harbor freight. The manufactures mark is Loncin at least on the one with the cast aluminum rocker cover.