Little indian with attitude!

Went to the Ann Arbor show last weekend and it was well worth the 5.5hr drive. Fantastic show--never saw that many bicycles in my life. Great amount of Mini Bikes and parts. Picked up a super early Ruttman washer frame with the 4 spoke early Taco style mags. My other find was a Little Indian--newer model with lots of attitude. The rear tire is 15-600-6 and the front 3.50-4.10-6 with the correct mags. The engine is a modified 6hp Tech. with at least a shaved head as you cannot start the bike in less all your weight is on the seat. It is geared 12/72 and should be quite a ride. Had it fired today but needs a carb job this weekend.

Hey Kevin. Ya i got the bike going today but I need to do a carb cleaning. No haven't started on the washer yet but it will come. Great meeting you at the show.
Why would anyone mangle up one of the most popular mini bikes on the planet???!!! This person should be arrested and made to turn it back to stock? God, what a mess !!! If you want a drag bike, buy a drag bike, but leave the Lil Indians to those of us that appreciate them. I know I can't be the only one that feels this way. Nothing personal.