Looking for a Clone recoil starter .


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Thanks ! I need one of each . In think the gx160 is different than the clone ? The old style honda with the white pulley has black plastic grabbers that engage the starter cup .
While the clones have metal arms which do the same thing .
the Honda one is different than the clone ones. all you need to do to switch the two is change to the different style starter cup.


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It's simply a Blue HF Clone recoil . And yes Rick ,as a matter of fact my camera is down !
I wish it wasn't . I've been busy putting some really nice projects together that I can't post photo's of either . :doah:
would you like to boro mine,it a polaroid takes good b/w photos, ya haft to buy film for it,i ran out.
A frend in need is a frend in deed !


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im looking for a couple of recoils starters as well, clone type if possible for the larger baja 5.5 motors.

unless you have the recoil with the correct cup.

let me know what you have and how much with shipping thanks.

but tomsprops asked first so let us know. he should get first dibs.
i've got a clone one that works (off a 5.5). it's been spray painted and is chipped to shit. if either of you want it just pay for shipping and it's yours.