Mega Moto suspension forks now available for $80

Mega moto sells them for 80 too. It just also has 13 shipping.
The $13 shipping charge from MM was mentioned in post #4; try to keep up. ;)

The ones listed on Amazon are sold by and shipped by Mega Moto, so that is MM's inventory. With that being the situation, I would assume that when it's sold out on Amazon, it will be out of inventory at MM, unless they allotted only a percentage of their inventory to be sold on Amazon. I think that when it's sold out on Amazon, it will also be sold out on the MM site.
Whoops I only saw the second page.
I wasn't trying to be cruel, thus the ;). It's easy to post something thinking it's humorous, then see it later and realize it may not be perceived that way by others, as was the case here. Unfortunately, with this new format, we only get 10 minutes to edit a post, which isn't enough time, IMO. If my comment caused any offense, I apologize.


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Wonder if the lower legs are actually filled with oil ?
Looking forward to comments on the ride quality improvements with them ......
Mine showed up today as well. It's basically a bolt-on for my Coleman CT200U. I am using a DB30 front wheel and will need to mess around with the spacers as the ones it came with won't line everything up. It's better quality than I expected it to be as well.

I'm planning on running maybe some CRF50 risers with Pro-Taper bars.

Couple of bad pics since I wasn't going to move the car to get better ones.