Mild Built 5hp Briggs


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Sold my Harrison project and was going to use this motor on it, so now I guess I'll sell the motor.

I've had this motor for a few years and it's been on a couple of different bikes. Runs like a raped ape.

Tons of compression. Probably just at the break-in stage. Maybe has an hour of running time.

3/4" shaft, 19mm Mikuni carb w/custom made intake. (I tried every carb from 22mm thru 19mm and the current carb worked the best).

Includes pleated air filter, throttle cable and 3-stage header (super heavy duty, but not pictured).

I'll get some recent pictures up tomorrow, sorry.

Here's what it looked like in my project build.

The motor has had the following done to it:
New piston/rings
New valves/ springs
Arc rod
New precision 145 cam
Milled head
Valve job
Drilled bearing (block) on flywheel side for better oiling
Bearing side cover with new bearing
New gaskets and seals
New bolts
Light porting ( knocked down the sharp edges), blended ports to valve seats for better flow to the valves
19mm Mikuni carb with custom intake.

Asking $300 shipped

PayPal Preferred. Send as a gift or include the fees.