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    Check for leaking valves
  2. L

    Ported 22cc clone head, 27mm Intake, 24mm exhaust, ss steel valves, 26lb springs +++

    22cc clone cylinder head, will fit on predator non-hemi Fully Ported and Bead blasted Milled 65 thousandths to increase compression Lightweight Stainless Valves 27mm intake 24mm exhaust valve Aluminum retainers and Split Keepers with stainless valves. 3 angle valve job Lash Caps 26lb...
  3. C

    212 hemi valves

    Whats the correct valve lash setting for 212 predator. Getting conflicting advise on the internet. Is it different for the exhaust and intake?
  4. B

    baja 97cc tappet valves

    Need a tappet valve for Baja 97cc motor. Will take pair, but need only one. This seems to be the one Baja part OldMiniBikes does not sell. Scott
  5. tundrabeagle3

    wanted 5 hp briggs valves

    Hey guys I have a 5 hp briggs that needs some valves. Please pm me with a price . Thanks OldMiniBikes
  6. CJdoodlebug90

    212cc preadator knock

    I have a non hemi that has developed some type of knock. Before the knock i had a hard time setting valve lash, but eventually got it. Went out and did a full pass to test it out and came back with a slight knock. took the head and pull start off and turned engine over slowly by hand and it...
  7. M

    HS40 Valves

    Doing my first complete engine build on a HS40. Do these valves look right. The valves are new,engine block is new but the lifters are not and neither is the cam. The space seems to large. I will get a larger feeler gauge set tonight but wanted some opinions. Thanks-Mike
  8. Full Throttle

    79cc predator valves

    Does anyone know or has anyone ever replace/upgraded the valve springs in a predator 79cc engine. Also what about the valves, what size valves are in this engine and can you get heavier valve springs , retainers and SS valves for this engine. Looking to try to do some mods. on one of these...
  9. yalipito

    Oversized valves

    Oversized valves What are the largest valves that can be installed in an Animal or WF head? Thanks
  10. johnatthebox

    OldMiniBikes hi comp 18cc head for predator 212cc valves?

    I recently picked up a hi comp 18cc head from OldMiniBikes, and when I went to swap mt valves they were too small for the guides. You can knock em back and forth and im pretty sure theres not supposed to be any play here?
  11. CJdoodlebug90

    HELP Preadator with dyno cam AND NOW HAS CRAZY COMPRESSION!!!

    I installed a dyno cam inst my preadator and it has crazy compression. Almost pulled shoulder out trying to start it. I tried lashing valve and didnt work. I have ordered 18lbs springs. Only mod I have is header. WHAT IS THE PROBLEM? HOW CAN I LOWER COMPRESSION SO THAT I CAN START IT?
  12. D

    zero lash

    I've searched and read for an easy way to adjust my valves to zero lash cold, but haven't found an easy way. If I bring it to tdc on the compression stroke and tighten them down where a .002 feeler gauge won't fit between the lash cap and rocker arm, the pushrod still has a lot of play up and...
  13. jeep4me

    Mild Built 5hp Briggs

    Sold my Harrison project and was going to use this motor on it, so now I guess I'll sell the motor. I've had this motor for a few years and it's been on a couple of different bikes. Runs like a raped ape. Tons of compression. Probably just at the break-in stage. Maybe has an hour of running...
  14. P

    baja mini racer won't start after repair

    I bought a mini racer, fixed it up, it was losing compression around the spark plug threads, so i ordered a honda g100 head, and new piston rings for good measure. So I installed the new piston rings and new head, I'm pretty darn sure I put everything back together right. Valves are opening...
  15. braaaaap

    Which cylinder head do I use?

    I have two cylinder heads. One is a Honda type 18cc head with 25/24 mm stainless valves. The valve stem on these are 5.5 mm. Now all of a sudden I'm reading that the stock head style that came on my engine is a preferred head because of the 27/25 mm valves with 5 mm stems and automotive...
  16. W

    Tec H70 valve job

    Hi ya fellas, I dont post here much anymore, but I decided to get my little drag bike out and work on the engine. It had very weak compression and was hard to start last fall so I decided to investigate the reason why. I started with checking out the valve lash. I had none..... The valves were...
  17. J

    pred rotc6 head valve guides help

    I have a new predator head and the valve guides are 5mm, is there a way to put the Honda guides inside the head to make the valves 5.5mm. The guy that does my head bought 5.5mm valves and I need them to fit
  18. Full Throttle

    dyno 356 cam

    Putting a dyno 356 cam in predator hemi and just got through checking piston to valve clearance and came up with .070 on intake valve and .075 on exhaust valve. This is with stock valves and springs and lash caps with zero lash and no head gasket. Is this okay or too little or can i mill head...
  19. T

    Valve train trouble/ question on a predator 212 non Hemi

    Hey guys new here. I'm in the process of putting an engine together using the OldMiniBikes stage 4 kit. Everything is going fine until I went to put the head together provided in the kit. The valves from my existing head are loose in the OldMiniBikes provided head. I plan to call OldMiniBikes tomorrow and see what my...
  20. M

    Hemi rebuild questions

    Just checking with you guys before I order my parts ROD - Im using the stock piston, what size rod should I get VALVES - will the NR stainless 27mm/25mm valves fit in the stock head seats PUSH RODS - is 5.440 the correct length for use with stock rockers Any help will be appreciated