1. OND

    Heald Hauler Front Wheel Bearing Numbers

    I'm working on this Heald Hauler for a customer and need to replace the front wheel bearings. Anybody know the correct bearing numbers so I can order them a head of time ?
  2. C

    wheel bearing

    I have a loose wheel bearing and was wondering if anyone knows a simple way to keep it from falling out.
  3. markus

    bearing numbers MB200 jackshaft?

    Anyone know what the replacement bearings numbers would be for the Jackshaft assembly on an MB200 are? It shows them in the parts breakdown but does not list them as avialable, only the complete unit. Working on one of these for neighbor, I can see a shield has been compromised on a bearing on...
  4. Studeman68

    HM80 roller bearing PTO cylinder cover part number?

    Hello, I have a HM80-155042A original for my Super Bronc that has a very loose governor shaft.. been looking for a replacement but cant determine the proper part number to look for. I keep coming up with a 33626C, but when I look around using that number I keep finding the bushing...
  5. R

    '69 Rupp Roadster Torrington Bearing?

    Little by little, my son and I are getting all the parts together and cleaning up those that can be reused for our low-budget restoration. When we disassembled it, the sprocket with the one-way bearing was seized to the jackshaft and got torn up. Of course, the lip of the bearing where the...
  6. diggers

    What to do with aluminum wheel with bad bearing hole???

    I got a sleight problem on a aluminum rim. Not sure if anybody else ran across this problem but the wheel bearing just slides in instead of tapping it in. I'm sure if I run it the way it is it will just whop out the hole more making it junk in the long run. Any kind of suggestions to do or what...
  7. gumpit

    Jackshaft bearing... Overkill

    I need the beefier solution to jackshaft bearings. Which would you go with. The usual 3/4" ones didn't hold up for long. A) B)
  8. Alsport bearing hangers

    Alsport bearing hangers

    Alsport bearing hangers
  9. M

    Wanted bearing cap for an El Burro front axle

    I need the roller bearing, seal and cap that holds the inner rod and the outer axle tube for an El Burro. I think it is the original axle, it has been converted to use bolt on wheels instead of the original all in one tire and rim. If you could tell me where to get one, or sell me a used one I...
  10. M

    El Burro 8 HP bearing needed

    I have an El Burro set up with a clutch and an 8 HP engine. The tires are bolt on type, the previous owner made an adapter to get away from the all in one tires. The end of the front axle has bearing cups. One of the bearings is starting to break up. Can anyone give me a tip on where to buy a...
  11. OND

    Powell Driven Bearing Replacement

    Just as the title says, I'm replacing the bearings on my Powell driven. Also I'll add some 1/8'' spacers between the pulley halves so I can use a 3/4'' top width 20 series TAV belt. This is the driven torn apart. This is the main shaft with the old bearings still on it...bearings are a...
  12. bandit 40

    Briggs 5hp large bearing side cover.

    Hit me up with a PM if you have one you wanna part with and this needs to have the 4 accessory holes thanks and Good Day :biggrin:.
  13. MISSLE

    wheel bearing help

    I'm changing wheel bearings, have some questions and having trouble finding replacements. Here are the dimensions and pics. The rear are thicker assuming because more weight on rear (could be wrong). Both are 1/2" ID, 1 3/8" OD and flanged. The deeper are 3/8" and the smaller is 5/16" deep...
  14. j57little

    Rupp Bearing Removal

    I've seen several posts about how difficult it is to remove Rupp wheel bearings (1971 Rupp Roadster 2, 12-inch wheels). Several people say to bang them out from the opposite side, but there is virtually no lip to bang on. Secondly, there appears to be a cup/retainer in front of the bearing...
  15. C

    Wheel Bearing Conundrum

    Looking at a hub here it measures 1-1/4" ID. A 1-1/4 OD bearing is not a typical find. It appears someone has used a flange-less style off-shore bearing in this hub and it fits slightly loose. Hub does have a seat however. Question, who supplies 5/8 x 1-1/4 "quality" wheel ball bearings in...
  16. Not so mini bike

    One way clutch bearing

    Wasn't someone looking fo one of these. Vintage Rupp Minibike One Way Clutch Bearing 13007 1968 TT 500 | eBay
  17. Belbuekus

    Front wheel bearing removal.

    How the heck do you pop out the front wheel bearings from a Baha Warrior/Heat? Can't hammer them out from the inside, can't pull them out from the outside. What's the trick???
  18. T

    Powell Fork Bearing Size? HELP!

    Can anyone tell me the dimensions of the two roller bearings that support the steering stem????? Mine are mangled beyond repair and I can't seem to come up with anything on Ebay that matches my measurements. Thanks.
  19. CarPlayLB

    Briggs 5HP/Raptor large bearing sidecover

    I am in need of a large bearing sidecover for a Briggs 5HP or Raptor. This will be the piece that accepts a roller bearing and will measure approx 2" inside diameter where the bearing sits. I have cash, and some stuff to trade.
  20. markus

    briggs 5hp (Raptor?) crankshaft needed (ball bearing on PTO side)

    I am having a problems figureing out even a part nuber for this thing! I need a 3/4" output crankshaft, the engine number is a 130232 1541 01 (1987) It is ball bearing supported on the PTO side only, uses the old style one way ratchet starter (long snout crank). Need a usable one as mine is...