Mini Push Mower Project

Its taking shape now. I made a Lauson decal for the front of the engine and I have to figure out the tank decals/writing before i put it on. I made a bracket to mount the primer bulb but im going to see how well it starts without it. Its got a choke so it probrobly doesnt need the primer.

What can I say? That's just beyond amazing. Since you have Indian Motorcycle like fenders, I was glad to see the cast indian on the front. Well done.

Thanks doc unfortunately that one isnt metal its painted plastic. I have a metal one with a bow and arrow which i like better but its too big about 2.5" tall. But its ok it looks the part
Thanks guys its definatly looking cooler then I ever expected. I put a homemade decal on the front of the engine it looks ok. Im working on the tank decals now. But I ended up making stainless scalops for the fenders and they look awesome. Iv got all 4 made but I only had enough clamps to put on the fronts today. I just used Jb weld. the backs are like the fronts but without the bump. Devil is in the details as they say. But i think when thats all done thats pretty much all im going to do so itll be time for a test run soon.



Banned - Must pay $500
Super impressed, should the decal not say 2 cycle engines, just sayin.

I love the mower , If they all looked like that, I'd want to cut the grass, LOL
crap i didnt even notice that 4 cycle lol ill see what i can do. Yeah ill take a pic of it nexto a full size when its all done
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Here she is in all her glory. Im over the moon with it. So cool:thumbsup: I ran it a bit and it started spitting gas out when shut off I think its because i still had the choke on. But i made a little dam with the gasket so it doesnt happen again and ill try it again tomorrow when the goop is dry. But after I get it running good ill probrobly just drain the gas and not run it anymore. Its just too pretty to mess up