mountainmini's - Bonanza 1100 - (Vintage Class)

Just tryin to give you a chance...per of bike running and riding. It closed at 12 EST....but you were 5 minutes after...and was gonna let it slide.
This was a lot of fun building this bonanza #1 tribute bike. I was able to replicate most of the details of the original bonanza #1. I had a lot of help getting this bike to be what it turned out to be. My brother in california helped enormously. He would send parts as he found them and also sunk a small fortune into this. I would love to hear comments from the other OldMiniBikes members to see what they think of this. I thought this was a different way to go about doing this build. Instead of just restoring i wanted to see how close i could get to the original by just looking at the pictures that were previously posted on the OldMiniBikes site. Probably the best thing about this build is the motor. The power products ah82 that is on this bike is even older than the one on the original #1 bike. I read that the #1 was the only mini bike that they put an ah82 on.
That's a cool idea to make a replica of #1. It came out really nice. I just re read the article that Kustom Kart Kid wrote about how he acquired the original #1. Congratulations :thumbsup:
Items that were done to replicate the bonanza #1 mini bike.
• installed power products ah82 motor.
• installed power products gas tank under seat.
• installed wedge type motor mount with incorporated jackshaft.
• increased gooseneck rake.
• installed gooseneck support.
• installed seat plate to raise the back of the seat.
• special bonanza #1 seat was made.
• installed rear axle plates like bonanza #1.
• installed brake support plate to frame.
• removed all fender tabs.
• used doherty brake lever cover.
• replicated original bonanza #1 badge.
• replicated stp sticker on air cleaner.
• painted go power wheels metallic gold like bonanza #1.
• used double head carlisle 4.10 x 3.50 x 6 tires.
• incorporated springs into lower front shocks.
• incorporated collars on to lower front shocks.
Here you go's the best I could do.

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Ride hard and put up wet is what I do with them.
And when I get real hard up or find a person that I think will appreciate a vintage bike, I'll sell one once in awhile.