mrpat's - Bonanza BC1400 - (Vintage Class)

First off I would like to thank Drew for letting us have another build off. I would also like to thank all of the OldMiniBikes members for making this such a great place.

What you see is what I get to start with. I will have to find a few parts, make a few parts, and get the engine working.

The idea in my head is to turn this pile into a BC 1400 bike. I will attempt to fab up some forks. This bike has a nice fiberglass seat pan. I have a set of chrome handle bars that should work.

The power plant will be an old lighted H50. A little paint and some new decals should spice it up a bit.

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Thanks for the comments guys. Been real cold lately and I have the itch to build a bike. I am taking this time to study brochures and pictures of this bike along with searching for parts.

I did bring the rear shocks to the kitchen table to take apart and clean. I need to remove all the paint!

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During paint removal, paint removed, polished up.

Not sure what else to do on the upper portion of the shocks. I've stripped the paint, used some 1500 grit wet sandpaper, and used bar keeper friend and a tooth brush to clean it all up. Springs are real dull. Any suggestions would be appreciated on making the springs shiny.

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I figured it out. Geez, I spent all day on 1 shock.

Here is one shock with no paint, and the other shock once completed.

Now I gotta work on the second one. Hopefully it will go much easier with what I learned on the first one.