Murray Track 2 worth $100?

A buddy of mine has one in great shape. I don't know much about mini bikes and didn't realize this was a 10+ year old bike. His looks great for its age. Said it wasn't used much. He priced it to me for $100 which at the time I thought was a good deal until I found out the age online and that it seems parts are hard to come by. Do parts go bad on these alot and are there universal parts that will fit it (throttle/brake parts, clutch, ect)?
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For a hundred bucks I wouldn't hesitate, even just a roller is worth that all day and as far as parts on mine I have only ever replaced the fork bearings which are standard 26" bicycle neck bearings. Ive never had to look for any other hardware but the throttle and clutches are readily available in aftermarket . So for that money I would take my chances.
Man, you better scoop that up. I'd love to do a track 2 project sometime. You can never find them though, and I'm not paying 500 dollars for one!
I just picked it up tonight. We went out and tried to start it with fresh gas. He said it hadn't been started in over a year. It will only idle at about half choke and as long as throttle is applied it will run with choke off. We think the carb jets are clogged but not sure. He offered to let me take it and see if I can get it running and pay him later which I did. Curious does it sound like a carb jet issue?

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Yeah I pulled the carb and it was a bit dirty. The plastic gas inlet broke off while trying to take off the line. Could someone point me to a direct fit carb for this engine? I see several on amazon for $15 or so but some don't have the 90 degree fuel elbow for gas line. Thanks
Good luck getting parts for one.. I need new forks on mine after a little incident. I have searched high and low for one and/or parts. Nothing comes up.

genethehandymani how much and where are you located?
Seems like it will take luck getting parts for any mini bike(in my area at least). Mini bikes are rare around here. If something major like that gets damaged on mine I'll probably junk it and just move on. Surprised there ain't some aftermarket online that will fit it.


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I have a brand new set of Honda Z50 forks that may work for the replacement on the Murray. I will check this weekend and report back!
I'm building a custom Murray now with PW80 forks , the top tree on the Yamaha forks mate up nicely but the bottom tree is a no go , so all new custom trees will be made but the shock tubes are perfect length !
Searching on Craigslist for a cheap push mower for my lawn business I ran across a Murray Track 2. Called the guy up and he said it was $300 firm and hadn't been cranked in 4 years... Well pass on the $300 and def pass on an engine that hasn't been ran in 4 years!! I paid $120 for mine a year and half ago. I swapped to the predator 212 and haven't looked back! After wrecking it and bending the forks. She's been sitting :( but hopefully I can get a set of forks in the next couple weeks!!