1. Cat Dominator R4002 Brochure (Later Model Probably 1973 or 1974)

    Cat Dominator R4002 Brochure (Later Model Probably 1973 or 1974)

  2. Muskin (Cat) El Gato R7001 Brochure (Probably 1973 or 1974)

    Muskin (Cat) El Gato R7001 Brochure (Probably 1973 or 1974)

  3. Muskin (Cat) Dune Cat R9504 Brochure (Probably 1973 or 1974)

    Muskin (Cat) Dune Cat R9504 Brochure (Probably 1973 or 1974)

  4. Muskin (Cat) Later Brochures

    Muskin (Cat) Later Brochures

    These brochures are probably from either 1973 or 1974. Models include from top left to top right: Slingshot (R3507 I think), Dominator (R4002), El Gato (R7001), Endura (Probably R4005, R4010, or R4015 hard to tell). Bottom left to bottom right: Rebel (later version of R4001 I think), Blazer...
  5. C

    Is This a Cat 400TS?

    Hi all, I just bought this frame. It will be my first venture into the mini bike world let alone my first build. I'm curious about what I actually bought. Is this a HPE Muskin Cat 400TS? If it is, it looks like they removed the jack shaft tabs and brake tabs. The frame has been primered...
  6. CaptNugget

    Muskin Dune Cat (Morris, IL) Not mine but cool.. and someone on here in Michigan has bodies I’ve seen
  7. T

    1970 Cat 400 X Vintage Mini Bike, HPE Muskin

    1970 Cat 400 X Vintage Mini Bike, HPE Muskin On Ebay
  8. Liviflame

    Muskin Dune Cat Find! (Help Needed!)

    Heya guys and gals! I found this old dune cat at a classic car show and was wondering what i could do to fix it up, I think its a pretty neat find for a kid like myself, sadly though, I cant seem to fit in it very well, my knees are much to close to my chest and the steering wheel is touching my...
  9. M

    Wanted: Dune Cat wheels

    I am in search of a set of wheels for a Muskin Dune Cat. If you have a good quality set, light rust, not bent, front and/or rear, or know of new wheels that look and mount the same as the original wheels I would be extremely interested.
  10. scootercat

    HPE Muskin Throttle

    HPE Muskin Twist throttle with matching"Gran Torismo" grips....$100.00 shipped USPS 3 Day PayPal
  11. M

    Muskin Dune Car body

    Searching for a Dune Cat body so I can build a second Dune Cat using the original one I already have as a guide. I can fabricate the frame and mechanical part of the kart with ease, its the body I can't do. I can repair a lot of fiberglass, but with out a mold, I can't make a whole one from...
  12. HarleyJJ

    Bent forks and bars Muskin Cat Eliminator

    I'm looking for some advice on straightening bent Cat forks and handlebars. Anyone tackle this before, and if so what worked for you?
  13. 7

    Muskin Cat for the kids

    I was given two mini bikes this summer from a friend who had a stroke. There's a thread in off topics if you're interested, but let's get to the meat of the discussion. Winter is deep here in the inland northwest so I thought I'd get to work! My daughter and I removed the little Briggs from...
  14. H

    Cat 3509 (Muskin Wildcat)

    Probably the most uncomfortable, and worst riding bike HPE-Muskin ever produced. It was based on the Cat 400 frame, but with a longer forks, shallow rake, large, easy to bend axle tabs, and a grab bar behind the seat. Badged "Endura," it was nothing like the remaining Endura line, which had...
  15. C

    HPE Muskin Cat handle bars

    I'm hoping someone out there in OldMiniBikes land has handle bars for a HPE Muskin Cat(the bolt on style) Any help is greatly appreciated! Steve.:thumbsup:
  16. robs52s

    1972 Cat R4001 HPE Muskin

    For sale 1972 hpe Muskin Cat 4001. Haven't started it in a couple years, been sitting in my garage, ran great last time I ran it, carburetor will probably need to be cleaned since it hasn't ran in so long. Missing fenders and clutch cover, everything else is there. Asking $350 or best offer.
  17. smwtnbndr

    HPE Muskin Scat-Tracker BELT HELP NEEDED

    Okay, this is the latest project. Everything on the torque converter and motor looks to be original. I am looking to replace the belt. It is a Horstman torque converter. Driver unit is 4 1/2" diameter. Driven is 7" diameter. This is a symmetrical unit. Belt reads CAT MINI BIKES HPE MUSKIN...
  18. R

    Muskin cat slingshot

    Original Cat Slingshot (Less Engine) This was a original one owner bike from the Oklahoma Frame is Mint - No kinks bends or any welds frame has never been altered All parts are original to bike Chrome Fork - small kink in upper bar area that someone put in vise teeth marks Chrome front & Rear...
  19. Z

    Muskin 400x brake

    Hi all... I have Muskin 400x that I am piecing back together. I'm looking for a brake caliper that will fit the original bracket that is on the bike. I'm honestly not too worried about original parts, just want it to fit and work right. I've seen a couple 'universal' calipers on line but hard to...
  20. Mr.fuss

    Muskin Cat

    I'm looking for CHEAP fenders for a cat Eliminator. Also a rear fenderwith mounting brackets for a cat 350ss. I also need a switch plate for both and clutch covers for both. Sorry but I can't afford perfect ones, but I can strip, straighten, and chrome beat up ones ! Thanks .