My latest hack job

Here's the little Cheeftah MB1000 I got from Jay Bell. The steering head had been ripped from the frame, and a bracket added to reattach. The forks were bent and twisted. I removed the front end, repaired the tubes, made a new steering head and welded it on. The little spring cleaned up nicely, and I got 99% 0f the twist/bends out of the forks. I put a temp set of wheels on it to roll it around til I get time to blast and paint the originals. Not bad work for a hacker, eh?? I have a Clinton engine for it. Should come out OK.

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Thanks, I like starting with a total POS. More satisfying than buying a nice bike and changing a couple of parts and calling it a resto.:thumbsup:
I thought you were joking at first. Then I looked and looked....

WOW! Do you also hate California like GTO?

TT :thumbsup:
Down here 90% of the bikes you find are Bird ,ARCO,MTD,etc. Bikes sold in dept. stores or hardware stores. I think K&S was the only ones built here.
This was actually gray or silver faded to gray. It must have been near sunset when the picture was taken. I did find some purple metallic about 3 layers down. It was originally red, then yellow, then black, then purple metallic, then green metallic, then gray. I'd say it had seen it's fair share of crashes.
It's a 4hp 4 stroke. Front tank. I'm gonna put a plain 4 stroke decal and a round tank to make it look more like a 3hp. It now has the funny rounded rectangular tank. The hardest part will be finding the right white paint for the engine. They were between white white and Wimbledon white. I'll probably mix some myself. It will be a while, but I'll get it done eventually. Not rushing on this one. I still have 4 more unfinished and a few I haven't started on.:doah:
I might when I get back to work on it. It was just so purdee I couldn't wait.:smile: I already have probably 3 or 4 in there I haven't finished.:doah: I get bored with one and work on another for a while, while thinking about the 9 other things I need to be working on. You know how it goes.


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yes i do:wink: trying to finish my nephews bike and trying to help the kid next door with his big block 4hp briggs. helping someone with a lawnmower. baby sitters kids minibike:doah:..on and on:doah:..go..go......:doah::eek:ut:can't get nothing done:doah:
That is a really nice Lomart Cheeftah MB 1000 you have brought back from near to the graveyard. You just can't drive down the road and buy that stuff anymore. Great job! That's what OMB is all about.

What spring type did you use on the neck? I cut the top neck 1/2 inch more and changed out the spring.