need exuast pipe 4 my dirt bug motor!


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they are clones :chinese: (honda g100) also only rated at 2.5hp
the small id tag sticker on the side will say 2.5hp. not sure why the pull cover has 2.8 on it:eek:ut:
Honda G100, G100K2, 2.5hp (100cc) engine information and specifications
here's couple pictures of my exhaust system i build with some scrap pipe laying around:thumbsup:

here's a video of it running:thumbsup: now it has the sound of a real minibike:thumbsup:little cold that day:xmas-smiley-016:

YouTube - baja doodle bug 15% temp(cold)

if you are looking to make that small engine perform better? you really need to change the rear sprocket to a 80tt. this will give it more lowend torque so it can take off better and also allow the clutch to lock up better:thumbsup: