NOS Small Round Gas Tanks

Alright, I have a few to box up and I THINK I have all the PM's answered.

If anyone has not yet received there tanks if they ordered them BEFORE thanksgiving, then please tell me right away!
Im getting there haha. Been going overkill on redoing my garage so I'm away from my PC and its a royal pain to do on my phone.

Tore out the old workbench, replaced the water damaged drywall with plywood, put up pallet racking and a big workbench, etc. I bit off a bit more than I can chew doing all this by myself...


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Is anyone putting these on a db30, to get rid of the bulky predator tank? If so, can you post a pic? I would like to see how it looks.thanks not trying to hyjack the thread.
I received the tank and left feedback Mark. Thanks.

Note: This tank is exactly the same color as my West Bend 580, and the exact size as the white tank I had mounted on it. I will be swapping it out. :)
Everyone will be getting feedback tomorrow after work. Also shipping out my next round of orders tomorrow.
I tried to give feedback through my phone and it crashes half way through. Even posting this ot crashed once. Pos phone and no upgrade until January 2016... My pc is repaired finally and I can finally get back at it 100%.