1. 661_Minis

    Alky engine converted to gas

    Hello, I have a Briggs flathead that I would like to convert to gas for a mini bike I have, I had bought this engine and a few other engines and parts from an estate sell. so I don’t really know much about the engine,it looks to be open modified to me but idk. I believe it ran on alky before...
  2. L.skynrd

    Gas is leaking into oil.

    Hello guys. I have a 6.5hp Honda clone from a "Baja Warrior" bike. The oil is full of gasoline, causing it to misfire, and not idle properly. I have checked the float bowl in the carburetor to make sure that the needle for the valve is seated properly. Nothing seems to be wrong with the Floater...
  3. 20201110_172312.jpg


    RFY shocks, these will replace the original shocks. I might have to open them up to see if there's enough oil and or air pressure in them. $50,- shipped.
  4. capguncowboy

    Cylinder Gas tank, star stamped on bottom

    Anyone ever seen this before? This tank has a star stamped in the bottom. I've had a dozen of these in various sizes and formats, but I've never seen any with this stamp on them. I'm pretty sure the tank is NOS and the green paint is original (where's chipped, I can see clean bare metal...
  5. Fox gas tank

    Fox gas tank

    Fox Street Scamp - Before Pics
  6. Fox gas tank

    Fox gas tank

    Bike - Before pics
  7. jeep4me

    Chrome Arctic Cat Gas Tank

    I bought this for an Arctic Cat Ramrod I had, but never used it. I know I'll need it as soon as it sells, but here it goes anyway. Solid tank. Light rust spots inside. Few dents here and there. Cap is there, but probably not usable. Mounts are good. Great tank for a daily...
  8. CarPlayLB

    Gilson Monkey Wards ail light and gas cap

    This is an original, used, Gilson tail light piece with wire attached. The new Speaker cover does not fit it well, but could be siliconed on? The gap cap is from an original Gilson, but has been rechromed. The cap shows signs of pitting still, but comes with the plastic seal/vent. Looking to...
  9. David wulf

    Need Tecumseh gas tank

    Like it says I need a TEC tank , plastic is fine side fill preferred but center will work . Oh and a HS 40-50 size . Don't need I bracket because it's going on a Briggs and I'll have to build one . Let me know what you have .
  10. W

    Bonanza BC 1500 gas cap

    Does anybody know where I can find a replacement gas tank cap with gauge for a Bonanza Hodaka mini bike? Thanks Mark
  11. jeep2003

    Gas Powered Crazy Kart !!

    I always kinda liked the way these Crazy Karts work they look like fun. A few days ago I watched a Hoonigan video of them racing so I guess they are cool and I should build one. Gas Powered predator 79cc should work fine. I built the frame out of some old shelving 29" x 40" The real ones crazy...
  12. Abit1322

    Arco bushwacker gas tank

    Looking for a arco bushwacker gas tank. Like the one in the picture. Please pm me if you have one. Thx
  13. danford1

    What Gilson model, no rear gas tank.

    I got a Gilson yesterday. It is very similar to my Wards 525 (which is why I got it). The 525 has a hole for the rear gas tank filler neck. This "new" Gilson doesn't. Is there anyway to tell what model it is by the pictures? I can take more pics if needed. There aren't any frame tags as it has...
  14. K

    Gas Leak

    I recently purchased a used Baja DR49 minibike. As soon as I turn on the fuel valve, fuel comes out the air intake of the carberator. I installed a new carb, but it still leaks. Any idea how to fix it?
  15. R

    69 Rupp Gas Tank

    I'm in need of a 69 Rupp gas tank for my Banchi. or PM thanks.
  16. B

    69 rupp roadster gas tank

    So I have a 69 roadster and the gas tank, but no mounting hardware. Would anyone have a pic of how the tank is mounted? I have looked at the schematics on black widow but still confused. I am aware that I will need to purchase some parts, but what? Any help is appreciated. Brian
  17. C

    Sears Roper Gas tank

    Looking for a really good gas tank for a Sears Roper.
  18. D

    WTB B&S gas tank

    Looking for a 5HP Briggs&Stratton front mount gas tank. Clean inside and cap.:thumbsup:
  19. R


    I have about 20 New unused Gas tanks that are off the 212cc Predator $20 each Shipped or i can sell as many as you need and give you a great deal New and unused they all have the breather valve I have Hemi and a majority of Non Hemi Will Trade for all or whatever you need
  20. mlanzoni

    Something doesn't quite look right with the Rupp gas tank..........

    rupp mini bike | eBay