1. 125ccCrazy

    Briggs filler necks

    Looking for some more Briggs or even Tecumseh metal filler necks from old tanks that may be rusted or beat up and not useable...I need the smaller necks, 1.5" approx...
  2. N

    Predidtor 212 Gas tank with right side filler neck

    I'm looking for a gas tank for a predator 212 with the filler neck on the right side as the gas cap doesn't clear the frame on my nova mini bike...
  3. Biffmini

    JBweld filler& powder coat?

    I used JBweld to fill in chain rash on frame I'm hopping it will OK to powder coat over... Has anyone used JBweld fill Prior to powder coat?
  4. jeep4me

    Briggs Filter Adapter w/screen filler

    Briggs filter adapter and metal screen filter. Fits most 5hp Briggs carbs. Selling as a set only. $40 shipped. PayPal preferred.
  5. 125ccCrazy

    Briggs filler necks

    looking for several Briggs filler necks from old tanks that may not be worth saving as long as the necks are in good shape..
  6. 125ccCrazy

    Tecumseh gas tank filler necks

    Looking for some Tecumseh metal filler necks...if anyone has some rusted, dented or otherwise not worth saving tanks with good filler necks I'm interested in whatever I can get... Briggs necks considered also...
  7. 125ccCrazy

    Did some Bonanza MX tanks come with fiberglass filler necks?

    wondering if an mx tanks came with fiberglass filler necks and if so were they were certain years?
  8. bikebudy

    Where to buy Briggs filler neck ?

    Where do you buy Briggs Fuel tank filler necks?? Found this old pic
  9. MarksA-C

    NOS Small Round Gas Tanks

    Still have tanks left! Here I have some NOS small gas tanks. They are about 7.25 long and 3.25" in diameter. Still have the factory storage oil inside so these tanks are rust free and spotless! The drain is on the opposite side than the filler. The filler cap is NOT vented and would need...
  10. Clayon

    Gas tank filler necks and caps?

    Ok, I have been kicking around the idea of making up my own cylinder gas tanks because I need a couple for my bikes. But I am hung up on the filler neck and cap. I know I can buy em from chopper shops like Lowbrow Customs, etc. but I have the stuff to make my own so that's what I would like to...
  11. oldfatguy

    Tecumseh oil filler caps

    I need a few 1970s style oil caps for a couple of Tecumseh's that I'm working on.
  12. 125ccCrazy

    metal filler necks from old tanks

    Looking again for some filler necks from old briggs, Tec ect tanks.... all I need is the necks so the tanks can be rusted or dented or unworthy of messing with as long as the necks are good...
  13. 125ccCrazy

    Looking for more filler necks (Briggs / Tecumseh)

    looking for some filler necks from some old metal tanks like Briggs or Tecs...need at least 1/2" lip around the neck after it's cut from the tank(s)....
  14. 125ccCrazy

    Wanted: Old metal gas tank filler necks

    I'm looking for some filler necks from briggs, tecumseh, ect metal tanks...I dont care how bad the tank is as long as the neck is good and solid and not all kinked up.. If you have some and have a way of cutting the necks out leaving at least 1/2" around the neck LMK what you need in...
  15. M

    Oil filler cap for 6.5 clone engine

    Does anyone know of any place that sells flush mount allen head oil filler caps that can be used to replace the stock oil filler cap on a 6.5 hp clone engine? I will be installing a ProMod J/S kit soon and the rear cap needs to be filed down in order to clear the bearing shaft on the J/S kit. I...
  16. born loser

    $15 filler neck for tanks

    I know alot of people make their own tanks and filler necks (weld on) can be pricey and hard to find. This ones not threaded, but a twist on type. Its cheap though... Just thought I'd toss it out there for those looking to find a good deal. Filler Neck Twist Cap with Steel Bung