OldMiniBikes build-off 2014 Classes and rules

there's 5 builds that have no posts since the end of January

getting the axe if nothing is posted before the 15th of march :hammer:
deleted 5 already.

there's 7 more that have no posts since 2-21 and later

these will be deleted too if no posts before the end of the month :hammer:
It's too bad so many have dropped out. Stuff happens. :shrug: I am very impressed by the builds I've seen in all of the categories. I tend to not post in build threads, as they get clogged up fast by well-wishers, but it doesn't mean I am not totally blown away by most of them.

Seemed as good a place as any to post this. Thanks again Yoop for managing it.
Thanks dave

I think we're doing allright.one was a double post and a few didn't even get started

look who's next on the list :anon.sml:
also wanna add even if your build is done or close to being done or if no work has been done since the last post deadline everyone still needs to at least post something before the next deadline
there's 19 builds that haven't been posted on this month yet. would hate to delete some really nice builds

make sure you guys post something even if your builds done
just went through the all builds

only have 16 with videos.

Quite a few completed builds with no vids yet

5 days left after today :hammer: