OldMiniBikes Build-Off 2016 Team Wbam "Under 17 Class" Rupp Power-Dyne Build


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Hi, this is Matt, Damian, Cameron, Xander, Draven, and Austin and we are "Team Wbam"! We are students in the Career Based Intervention Program at West Branch Middle School in Beloit, Ohio. We are entering the "Under 17 Class". Our mini bike is a 1971 Power-Dyne.

DSC00323.JPG DSC00324.JPG
Our goal today was to take off both tires and the brakes. We got the brake handles off and almost the back tire. We also got the gas tank off. See you next Friday!
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Hi, we are still taking apart our Power-Dyne. We too the back brake and tire off. We also took off the gas tank and chain. That is all we have done so far. Next week we hope to have the rest of the bike taken apart.

dsc00346[1].jpg dsc00347[1].jpg dsc00348[1].jpg dsc00353[1].jpg
Hi, we have been taking our bike apart. We took the front tire off and the forks. We also took the brake off. We are almost done taking it apart.

DSC00371.JPG DSC00372.JPG