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Started my thread in the wrong forum so here is the official entry thread. My 1966 Trailblazer will be left in it's patina with all new parts and a Predator engine.:thumbsup:

So far the footpegs are on and the jackshaft is fitted and I'm waiting to get the spacers cut for the wheels. This will be an easy one given no painting and all parts are gathered.:thumbsup:

Darn rookie:laugh:...Looks like its gonna be a cool build. I like those wheels.:thumbsup:
Yeah the wheels make it really. I thought they'd disappear into the tires but they work well, thought about a flat black paint job but I'm not doing it. The frame is one of the GT-G's from Gilmore Tatge Co. that the owner ordered and sold through his grain handling equipment store to his fellow Shriners and to friends and customers in Clay Center Kansas. I've seen two swingarm models with the same fork decal. I'd peel it back to check for a Trailblazer sticker but I'd screw it up so it stays. I keep my stuff out of the weather so it wont suffer that, it's not any more rusty than it was two years ago and it's been in my shed.

What brand and size are the tires? Where did you purchase them?
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Roadkingfrank on Ebay sells the NOS General 530 450 6" traction tread for $36.95 a pair plus shipping. About $52 shipped if I remember correctly, I got two sets. He had some last I looked, they still have wax on em. I think they are 80s or 90s vintage.:thumbsup:
Thanks Outlaw, the information is appreciated!:thumbsup:
Can you tell me what the overall diameter of the tire is, and also what the tread width is in contact with the ground?
Update: Got the spacers done today for the Azusalites, not much of an inside spacer but they need em more than metal wheels. Got the brake lever and brake assembly working together so it's a matter of assembly and fenders. Still mulling over using the white plastic Azusa fenders because I already have em or buy the 4 1/2" ones from OldMiniBikes Warehouse, either way brackets will have to be fabricated. Waiting on a seat from Kenny and over the next few days I'll get it finished if my health holds up. Had a bad few days so I'm do for a break.:thumbsup:
We need pics!!!!!!!! I really like the idea of all new parts/motor but leaving the frame in its original state. cool stuff and leaves the project with a story. nice!
We need pics!!!!!!!! I really like the idea of all new parts/motor but leaving the frame in its original state. cool stuff and leaves the project with a story. nice!
Thanks but it looks the same as the last pics, just spacers inside the wheels and a brake lever added. I'll get pics of any further progress though, I'm really close and if I could catch a few hours I would be done but my life does not work that way.
I got the seat from Kenny mounted to see if it was what I wanted and I can live with it, a great seat but I think I need more real estate for seating. May put forward pegs on it and make room for a passenger. The fenders are plastic Azusa units and will be mounted with hand made brackets, got em laying on inner tube chunks to take a look and I'm happy enough. I got a 1" twist grip and ordered some Harley type coke bottle grips, they are long I took an aluminum flasher housing and stuffed it into the grip and it slides over the end of the bar and works great. The Baja warrior brake lever hogged out to 1" needs a little more taken off but looks right with the larger grips. I'm down to trimming the jackshaft to size and adding the engine, clutch and chains and securing the brake backing plate without drilling and welding. I have a solid plan for it. Almost done and it will be a welcome addition to my stable of small/medium frame riders. I found the faint remains of the stripes and made some freestyle ones from some chrome and red tapes I had. I am trying to decide whether to leave em or not. Anyway here's my update.

looking really good Ace :thumbsup: What setup are you doing for the gearing ?
12 on the clutch and the primary jackshaft gear has 16 to another 12 then 60 out back on the wheel. I'll decide later if it's right, I have never done a jackshaft kit. I have only replaced bearings and gotten em going again. I plan to make the brake stop bracket maybe tomorrow and start on the fender brackets, the fenders wont sit that low but they look good that way. Slow going but I'll get there.