Powder coating an engine questions.

So, can it be done? I have seen some on this forum. Will it last?

What temps do the predators engines get up to?

I sent a email and got this reply:

I would have to say we are going to have to pass on this unfortunately due to a few issues. The first being the extensive masking that is required on the engine and the second issue how well the powder will hold up to the heat. We could use a high-temp powder that claims it holds up to 500 degrees and have it fail in a week or few months. We strive to stand behind our work 100% and this is one project we can't say that we could unfortunately with the unknown variable.

a little lost in all of this


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Regular powder coat gets put on at 350-400 degrees. It will probably burn off around the exhaust port or the head. I have ceramic coated headers on the hot rod that holds up nice! That should work, but a bit more money than regular powder. They have it in chrome (sort of) or flat black
This was a big powder coating company I contacted. I thought they would do it. Anyone here care to tell me where they got their motor powder coated?
I used high temp gloss black powder coating media from powder by the pound on a Tecumseh hs40. It seems to be holding up fine. I was afraid to use regular powder because I thought it would melt around the exhaust port.
That is a shop that wants to keep it's reputation intact. Powder coating an air cooled aluminum engine (jugs and heads) is generally not considered a good idea because the coating retains heat.

Secondly, while it's baked at 400-500 degrees, it will not hold up to sustained temperatures of 500F 100% of the time. If your engine is one of the 10% of the PC jobs that flake, what does this do to the PC'r reputation? (Chrome shops are the same way)

You are better off with high temp paint, unless you go with the high temp exhaust PC, but then you're back to the cooling equation.

I am talking about jugs and heads, not side covers.

To restate: The shop you spoke with can not guarantee the PC job on an air cooled engine to 100%, and that is why they wont do it, not because it can't be done. Plenty of shops do PC those components, and plenty of them hold up.
Havasu Dave, how hot to the predators engines get?
They don't enter my garage. :laugh: Generally, an aircooled four stroke motor will run about 500F according to those who use cyl head gauges or that nifty pointer tool. This doesn't include timing advance, or lean fuel issues.

LOL @ Eric. I'm trying to be helpful here.
Best results for me are duplicolor engine paint with 2k urethane rattle can like Eastwood or spraymax. The 2k urethane has a hardener and not on withstands heat but withstands gas and oil too and also looks very professionally done.


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Do it your self. H F has all the suff, if not a auto body supple will have it all. Get a free oven off C-list and rock n roll
Thanks everyone. Now I am just as confused as when I started this. Maybe start looking at high temp paint I guess.
Sorry you are confused. Here is all you need to know about powder coating. The guy who owns this shop is a member here. He can give you the straight scoop on powder coating engines.

Txpowdercoater His website:

Conroe PowderCoating

As far as paint, I have used regular rattle can and then two coats of clear urethane two part. You don't need high temp paint on these engines, although you "may" get discoloration near the exhaust. All rattle can paint will wash of quickly with oil or gas. Including VHT and other high temp products. Do not use regular rattle can clear. Don't use it for anything. Throw it in the trash. The 2K stuff is what you need.

If you're going to do a lot of riding, do yourself a favor and leave it plain aluminum. Much easier to clean than paint or powder coat. Better for heat dissipation as well.

I hope this clarifies my earlier post.
thats a bunch of phooey! and thanks HD for the kind words!
I do a bunch of engine blocks and heads and intakes all in regular powder. no need for high heat. If your motor gets hot enough to mess the powder up, you have bigger worries.
Yes, there is a bit of masking involved with high heat tape and razor blade time, but its totally do-able, durable and no worries. I do a lot of show car engine blocks and heads in various flake base coats and candies and clears. Powder bakes on at 375-400, you have bigger issues if your motor melts it down. :)

on the exhaust headers I use Cerakote high temp ceramic coatings, they are good for over 2000*
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Thank you Txpowdercoater for replying in this forum. I will send you a P.M. later on. At least this is on here for other
People to read.
I used high temp gloss black powder coating media from powder by the pound on a Tecumseh hs40. It seems to be holding up fine. I was afraid to use regular powder because I thought it would melt around the exhaust port.
Im surprised PBP has a powder that is any good, you can really buy a lot better powders than through them, they broker the cheapest over seas powders and charge a premium. I refuse to spray that stuff.