1. Sixpac440

    How do-able is powder coating at home?

    I was quoted $75 to do 2 Heald wheels that are clean as a whistle. I see $80 powder coat systems on eBay .. electric ovens are cheap on CL. Thoughts?
  2. P

    Removing powder coat

    I figured out a quick, easy way to remove powder coating, kinda accidentally. Most powder coat is polyester and is impervious to gasoline and other solvents, and it is sorta soft and sanding and blasting won't cut it very fast like it does on paint. But it can be dissolved by acetone and and...
  3. Stitch

    Got my DB30 back from the powder coater.

    Let the fun begin! It is going to finish up as an inverse kind of Doppelganger to my red "Rapido Diablo" DB30. Hang in there for more build pictures..... http://www.oldminibikes.com/forum/vbrides.php?do=viewride&rideid=280#.WKoQe28rKUk
  4. maknwar

    Paint vs powder coat

    Trying to decide between the two. I can get everything powder coated for about $100 or I can strip, sand and paint for probably half that. I don't plan on taking it off road except for the yard. What does everyone prefer when redoing a mini bike?
  5. R

    BONANZA correct Powder coat color

    Hi getting ready to get several Bonanza mini bikes powder coated.I do not want to have these painted. Does anyone have the correct ( Prismatic) powder coat color for this match. https://www.prismaticpowders.com/powder-coating-colors/ Thanks Robertt8883
  6. J

    To Paint or Powder Coat the frame?!

    Hey all. Curious if anyone has some insight on the topic. We are at the point where we need to either paint or Powder Coat the frame and wheels. Does anyone have experience with both? We are unsure which way to go! We have a Bad Dog Gigantic frame that needs painting. I think we will just...
  7. B

    Powder Coating

    Anyone have a price on what it cost to powder coat a doodlebug frame in your neck of the woods? Never powder coated anything so no idea is this is just more dreaming on my part and a poor use of my dollars. Would be dam nice looking that is for sure.
  8. Biffmini

    JBweld filler& powder coat?

    I used JBweld to fill in chain rash on frame I'm hopping it will OK to powder coat over... Has anyone used JBweld fill Prior to powder coat?
  9. Old enough

    69 Taco T100 powder coating forks

    Does anyone know how others have powder coated the forks and still be able to get the springs and the lower forks on, I have had to remove the powder coat as it is to thick to install springs, I have seen many purple t100s with purple under the springs. I need some ideas. Thanks
  10. Old enough

    69 Taco 100 powder coating

    Does anybody have an answer to how others have had the forks powder coated and we're still able to install springs and lower fork ends, I had to remove the powder coat just to get the springs on! I have seen many purple t100s with purple forks under the springs. Just don't have any ideas. Thanks
  11. minibikegi

    Powder Coat

    I just posted this, but im in northern mich. theres a fab shop here sand blast and paint 75 cents a pound total. We have at least a few frames done there and parts, Wheelock fab? its searchable. I can pick up or hold youre items . No charge. Im gonna do my hauler there this spring. There good...
  12. 1troy7

    Powder coating an engine questions.

    So, can it be done? I have seen some on this forum. Will it last? What temps do the predators engines get up to? I sent a email and got this reply: I would have to say we are going to have to pass on this unfortunately due to a few issues. The first being the extensive masking that is...
  13. Not so mini bike

    Lil Indian sabre

    Everything is there. Brake, fenders, handle bars,foot pegs, repop seat and clutch cover with bracket. Also have decal. Front wheel cleaned and assembled. Rear is not. Have sprocket and hard ware. Frame is powder coated. $600 local pickup
  14. pro tc

    Powder coating

    My super grape 2 came in for my rupp rascal is any one on here using powder coating. i'm going to do the tear down this weekend i think.
  15. CarPlayLB

    Old style H35 blower housing needed

    I am in need of an old style shroud/blower housing that has the 4 studs for mounting the recoil. I am kinda picky and need it to be in pristine condition. I have a powder coated, dented one I can trade and a brand new late model unit complete with round recoil, and of course, there is cash...
  16. W

    New, barn find! Manco Thunderbird

    Just a new member, found this thing basically in pieces, rusted to hell! Today I finished the ruff part of it & got it running on the street! Next will be powder coating and paint. Curious to what year this could be?
  17. 6doggie3

    Bonanza SuperHot1

    I'm going to start a rebuild on a 1500sh soon ? And I will be relying on some input from fellow OldMiniBikes member's on tech info since there's not a lot of treads on this model ? 1st I want too tear it apart and clean everything and do a repaint or powder coat like BC Dave's bogus build and use the...
  18. capguncowboy

    Rupp XL500 Starter kit

    Before you get too excited, this does not include the engine clutch cover, gas tank or brake calipers. This DOES include the Wheels (without tires), front disk, rear disk/sprocket, frame, swing arm, upper forks, lower fork bushings, throttle (with a worn out/cracked grip), light switch and...
  19. Phil1958

    new powder coater in town

    a local guy added a powder coating operation to his car repair shop. tried him out on a set of bonanza uppers: this job was a freebie, he is trying build up a local customer base. the charge would have been $30.00. i don't know what the going rate is for this work but $30 sounds ok. the...