predator 3 hp 79cc clutch quesstion

hello all, i have bought a new 3 hp 79cc predator engine from harbor freight it says the pto shaft is 5/8 what size clutch do i need to order for it ?? i have a 5/8 one here but that doesnt fit
The 5/8 should fit.:eek:ut: Make sure you are not trying to use a clutch from a doodlebug. They are NOT the same. Unless something changed in the past few months with the engines, it is 5/8.:thumbsup:


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Hmmm. So the 5/8 clutch you have will not go onto the shaft? I wonder if the new engine has a 16mm shaft?

16mm= .629921 inches
5/8= .625 inches

Maybe your clutch is .005 too small? If so you either need a 16mm clutch, a smaller output shaft (by .005) or make the clutch opening larger by .005.


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I just did one of these engines a few moths ago and it is 5/8. The previous engines I did are also 5/8.:thumbsup:
OK. Just throwing out a possibility.

Some of us with a stock Coleman CT200 engine have a 16mm output shaft on the Hisun 196cc .
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