Predator hemi vs. non-hemi

Can someone point out the difference between the Predator Hemi vs. the non-Hemi engine?
I'm planning to purchase a 212cc Predator, but would like to know if there's a benefit to one engine over the other.
Does the "Hemi" have a hemispherical combustion chamber design similar to a Mopar hemi?
I'd appreciate it if someone can clarify that for me.
Thank you!
Yes it does have a hemispherical head with cantered valves, hemi head engine comes with 27mm int valve and a 25 mm exh valve, also has a flat top piston and it excepts all honda gx200 or clone cams. Hemi head engine is part number 60363 non hemi is 69730.

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I was wondering about them yesterday..I knew what hemi ment I haven't spent time yet to see cost vs hp..torque.... vs price difference... my 196cc clone vs predator vs hemi....if I was replacing perfectly good clone i w go for hemi I think
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Some of the engine builders over on Bobs4cycle have put the 212 hemi head engine on a dyno and said it was pulling close to 8 hp stock, I'm sure that was probably with no governor though...but not sure.
Thank you sir. I appreciate you posting a pic of the actual Hemi head and explaining the beneficial difference over the non-hemi. I think you talked me into it..

Well gentlemen, it looks like a "no-brainer" decision....Hemi it is.

Thank you all for your feedback and encouragement. Woo-hoo!!:thumbsup:

Another quick is worth purchasing the extended warranty?
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Myself, I never buy the extended warranty...If it goes bad in the first week or two they usually take it back and give you another. I personally have never got a bad one yet.
Is part# 60363 a 212 hemi ..or do you still need to peek into the box at harbor freight to see the rectangular or square valve cover to tell..I've heard this mentioned online
Look at the picture on the box it shows the cast rectangular valve cover if it is a hemi
Thanks Ole,
I wasn't sure whether it indicated it on the box or not. I know the Hemi has the cast aluminum valve cover as compared to the non-Hemi with a stamped sheetmetal valve cover.

I would assume that they both use the same go-fast goodies, correct?
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Not correct. Hemi uses GX200 style gaskets and cam journal size, has different flywheel taper than any other engine (Kohler taper). The other predators use different side cover gaskets, have a dished piston instead of flattop and use a larger cam bearing journal.
Thanks again guys, you've all been very helpful.

Btw, I want to apologize. I just noticed that there are a few existing threads covering the topic.
Noobie mistake...:doah:
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no worries..just ask..instead of seaching..I'm just sippin beer and poking around on the tablet..actually ordering Colemans 6.5 clone is down..broke sissy bar and spitting oil out the crankcase cover..pcv is ok..order 2 gaskets..I'm a little hard on it hehe..still got my db30 backup ,:p
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I find it really annoying that when you look up Part 60363 on the HF website, it's the photo of what I imagine is the HEMI version, but if you look at the other part numbers for the 212cc Predator, it also shows the photo with the HEMI cover even though they are the non-HEMI version.

It makes me worry that I will order Part 60363, but a non-HEMI will show up at my door.