Removing Silicone Spray

I have some steel parts that have been bead blasted and coated with a silicone spray made by the Liquid Wrench company. Now that it's time for paint; I want to remove the silicone. I talked to the laboratory people at the Liquid Wrench company and was told that "You could probably try mineral spirits". Other than that they weren't aware of anything that would completely remove silicone spray from bare metal. Therefore, I'm turning to one of the best sources of information I know. Is there anyone out there in OldMiniBikes land who knows for sure what chemical or product will completely remove silicone spray from bare unprimed metal? I can really use your help on this one. Ogy
Thats gonna be a tough one. Fisheyes=Evil...We don't allow anything w/silicone in the has a tendency to travel. I would try acetone first. Try one part and see what it does when ya prime it...good luck!


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That's poor service from Liquid Wrench to not know what products remove theirs. You can't tell me they simply think it's a permanent application.

Could always bead blast them again, that would guarantee they were clean


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Try wiping it down with acetone first and then use Jasco prep & prime its a Galva-wash prime solution . That ought to do the trick.


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Like mentioned before you will have to re blast. that crap on a large area will just smear big waste of time. save time and material and blast it again.
what about dipping them in a hot tank (caustic soada) like the automotive machine shops use for dipping engine blocks, cylinder heads, etc. ...that stuff strips off everything and the cost is usually very reasonable.....We used to use a product called Oakite (sp?) that was wicked powerful stuff. Some of the big NAPA stores have a machine shop attached to them...around here anyway.
Just make sure there's no aluminum parts mixed in...they won't be there when you go back :scared: :doah:
..........good luck Ogy
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Thanks for all the help guys; I really appreciate it. Talking to my brother-in-law at a family picnic today and he turned me onto a product that he uses and swears by. It's called "KLEANZ-EASY 6383. It's made by Swimc; a division of Sherwin Williams. It specifically lists silicone removal on the label and it's sold by NAPA. Oddly enough, the first ingredient on the label is mineral spirits. Maybe that lab guy DID know what he was talking about. Seemed like a good thing for minibikers to know, so I'm passing it on. Ogy