1. 20200523_145556.jpg


    Some parts painted black with 2-K can spray paint.
  2. 125ccCrazy

    Custom pearl paint in aerosol spray, cool for custom builds

    Found these on ebay while I was surfing for some metalflake, they have pearls and candy colors in spray cans.. shipping is a tad much for a single can but it looks like additional cans ship free... These would be a way to get a custom paint job for those without spray guns or compressor.. For...
  3. Sixpac440

    Weatherproofing Wicker Chairs? How?

    My wife has 2 wicker chairs that she would like to put on the deck. She does not want to alter to color. What can be done to keep rain from ruining them? I have an air compressor and can get a spray gun. There are suggestions on the web but I thought someone here might have 1st hand...
  4. mini one

    removing ONE coat of paint ?

    I know I read it somewhere but searches are not coming up with it. I've got a crummy paint job that I think didn't need to be sprayed over the original color, even though I like the second color better. (why didn't they just wax the dam thing?) At least the previous owner masked off the...
  5. whitear89

    Blue spray paint for bonanza?

    Does anyone know a good spray paint can that matches the original blue as best as possible?
  6. outcrydrummer

    Wtf spray can clear coat

    Not sure why but every freaking time I use spray can clear coat I get this major hazing instead of clear.......Wtf is causing this. Tired or redoing a paint job I'm happy with because of clear....
  7. Not so mini bike

    Mtd gas tank

    Gas tank for mtd trail flite. Doesn't have cap. No holes or cracks. Has some white over spray on it. $35 shipped to lower 48
  8. kyle moody

    over spray paint on tires

    I would like to you guys that get paint on your tires and smack you. It sucks that's all I can say
  9. capguncowboy

    Spray on chrome

    I've seen a few videos where they're doing a spray on chrome -- It's just paint, but it looks really clean. In the end, I know that it wouldn't hold up as well say over 20-30 years, but for my purposes, it looks great. Has anyone tried any of these at-home kits -- Eastwood or the like? If so...
  10. D

    Spray paint frozen or already dried?

    I couldn't wait for warmer weather to paint. I sprayed my frame last night while it was about 10 degrees in my garage with the door cracked open and the paint is rock solid now. I have 2 coats of primer, 4 coats of paint and 4 coats of clear and it looks great. I'm not sure if the stuff is fully...
  11. Rollin310z

    how to spray carb cleaner help me

    i want to know if you can spray carb cleaner on a briggs while its running or without having to take it apart. some guy told me to buy carb cleaner and turn on motor spray a little here and there while running engine also if anyone knows how to clean the spark plug hole without taking motor...
  12. RuttmanRacer

    Hurry up paint job

    I bought this red ruttman over the winter. The seller said he thought someone from oldminibikes.com built it and sold it to him but he wasn't sure who it was. I ended up leaving it as is and taking it up north to tool around on. But for some reason I got the itch to paint it today. I am on...
  13. texasfabguy

    Castolin powder spray

    Anybody have any experience doing Castolin powder spraying? I'm trying to repair some shafts with this system I just got,I have the equipment but have no idea what I'm doing.
  14. B

    Who sells Doodlebug green in a spray can?

    My DB needs new paint. Anyone know what brand carries a color like that? Thanks
  15. R

    Mini bike worthy spray paint

    Had a thought this morning on the way to work. What brands/colors of spray paint match the colors that commonly came on our beloved mini bikes? What have you used? How has it held up? Any other neat colors that you've tried? Let's see some pics. I'm thinking about a green to match my...
  16. ozark caveman

    Spray Paint Job

    Is it possible to get a quality spray paint job? Then maybe hit it with some gloss to make it shine?
  17. H

    Spray paint....what do you prefer?

    Kinda like one of those Chevy vs. Ford vs. Dodge things......................Im looking for feedback. Been mixing it up some with differant makes and have my opinion. And so far i like the Duplicolor stuff way better then any of Valspar stuff. I find the valspar takes way to long to cure and...
  18. R

    spray can version of candy apple green?

    Just looking for a good aerosol can version of candy apple green paint? Just wondering what's available out there and what folks recommend for a quality rattle can respray. Working on my Toyoco project and want to try to preserve the original color as close as possible.
  19. ogygopsis

    Removing Silicone Spray

    I have some steel parts that have been bead blasted and coated with a silicone spray made by the Liquid Wrench company. Now that it's time for paint; I want to remove the silicone. I talked to the laboratory people at the Liquid Wrench company and was told that "You could probably try mineral...