Rupp_It_Up - Mansfield Enduro R/S - (Vintage Class)

Primed Gas Tank

Next step is to apply the final color - Suede Nuclear Orange (satin metallic orange)
I was all over the lot trying to settle on the final color. Then I saw this color on a Victory motorcycle and the stars aligned! The plan is to try and complement the hot rod black frame parts.


Custom Gas Tank Decal

I decided to use the decal scheme from a '75 Roadster. The bottom picture is a mock up of the final version shown in the top picture. I also used the same vinyl reflective decal material used on '75 Rupp's.

BTW- The "R/S" is my Rupp/Speedway designation


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Progress update....
I got the forks, handle bars and a few odds and ends back from the chrome plater. I also have the tank painted - will try and post some picks this weekend.

I'm a little behind schedule due to a huge distraction from my recent purchase of a truck load of Rupp mini bikes and parts. That's 9 bikes plus a pile of NOS parts!
Frame Assembly Started - Gas Tank Painted with Custom Decal

The gas tank is painted bright orange with a satin clear coat. I used 1975 Rupp decals for the sides and had a custom Enduro R/S decal made for the top of the tank using a similar layout to the 75 Roadster II decal.