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Glad there's someone doing a OHH195 Tecumseh in the build-off. You might want to PM [MENTION=339]delray[/MENTION] and chat about your intake set-up and engine. He's the resident guru on these engines and has built a couple of killer OHH195s.

From my experience, with a basically stock engine, valve lash is going to be critical. You can have everything else correct but it'll run like crap if the lash is slightly off. With no governor, you're going to want the valve train to be pretty robust. Briggs Animal springs and 3 piece retainers would be a wise investment along with an HS40 sized adjustable carb. The engine does not like big carbs.
Thanks! Until now I had no idea what the engine model was (haven't really checked either). I am planning on still using the governor to operate the carb. working on building a linkage that will work with the new configuration. It'll be adjustable and hopefully will work just as well as stock if not better. I don't plan on raising he revs on this engine really. Not knowing it's history and all. I'll just run it and make some noise. Probably won't mess with the carb unless it runs like garbage. I was kinda confused when I first looked it over because there is no place to adjust this thing anywhere. Then I remember the engineers had designed this engine to run just so without any modification needed. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA! Well I'm hoping to do better. I've never actually heard this engine run for more than a couple pops on carb cleaner. But the rod seems tight and it rotates well. Hopefully it all works out.:evil_laughter:
Got my throttle and governor linkage figured out. Now I just have to make it pretty. I intended on using the governor to throttle the bike when I moved the carburetor but had to change the direction of travel because of the way the governor moves and the original way it opened the throttle. The way it used to work was the governor arm pulled the throttle open. Now it would have to push something. I built a pivot arm and bracket out of some banding material at work and bent the link out of .045 welding wire. I still have 95% travel on the throttle with the governor being activated. Should keep me from over revving the stock engine. Looks like it'll work.
Throttle closed

Full throttle
Tore into the brake this afternoon and will probably need new pads. The old ones were just glued on and 4 some years later the rust has separated them from the backing plates. I'm guessing they are too brittle and too thin to pop rerivet the pads back on and I'm not sure if some epoxy would hold them. What do you guys recommend? I have no idea if the brake is original to the bike but it might be. Thanks in advance.

Finally got paid so I went and picked up some much needed parts with what was left over from bills and income tax. Went with the cheaper shielded bearings instead of the sealed which I prefer but as long as I don't ride through water or mud I should be alright. I'm going to try to keep the chain on with out a tensioner. Need to loosen it up just a touch. The way this bike is built, all of the adjustment is in the rear wheel. Bolt through slots in the frame.

Fired it up the other day with the fuel system plumbed and the drive system hooked up. Found out my idle circuit must be plugged. It wouldn't idle at all. I hope that isn't because of my intake manifold.:huh: Got new wheel bearings, was going to go with sealed but I'm on a low budget so I went with American made shielded bearings. Had to modify the front forks a bit to get the front wheel to slide in. I built an axle spacer for the front wheel. The rear already had one. Now onto controls and brakes after I get paid.
I Like it Rusty...Its got that cool old school look ! :thumbsup:
Thanks OND! Figured why change what already looked good. Not exactly sure what I'll end up doing with paint but I want to get it all put together, running, and working before I paint it. That way I won't have to worry about getting it all perty and then have to weld something. I'm not very imaginative on paint so I'm open to suggestions at this point.

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Hey Rusty, were you planning on sticking with the green wheels and red motor? I would suggest doing one or the other on both and doing a nice color to offset it on the frame. I can't think of any color besides the black you have, that could even pull it off, except maybe white, but that would start looking Christmas or Mexican Flag themed... Just my opinion. You can do a lot to offset with say a flat to a gloss metallic?
I definitely wasn't going to leave them as they are and I think the wheels and engine should be the same color. The whole thing will need to be repainted. It's rough, rusty, scratched up, and it has weld burns. I'll have it all sandblasted, even the wheels because the paint is coming off of them anyway. Still don't know what exactly I'll do but I hope it'll be interesting.
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I tried to fire it up again today and had little to no success. I talked to Delray about about the carb earlier and I think I'll be going with his recommendation for an adjustable one. It was kind of disconcerting to me when I looked at this carb for the first time and noticed the only adjustment was the idle speed. Guess its time to upgrade.
I mentioned I was working on Fox Sprite for the build-off to a friend on mine and he asked what I needed for parts. I told him about my brake predicament and he sent a set of brake shoes up to me via Parts delivery driver for the Napa my dad works for. Said we'd hash it out sometime. He is a Rupp collector and might have his eye on my rear tire as it's an old Rupp unit. I hope not though.
Well, I'm kind of relieved about my rear brake deal. Now I know I don't have to trade my rear tire for brake shoes because the brake shoes are the wrong size. I guess I am going to have to order them.
Finally placed my order to MFG Supply and I figured with standard shipping it'd take most of a week to get here. Holy Cow! It got here THE NEXT DAY! I can't get a letter from in town in any less than 3 days! The USPS needs to step up their game. Still waiting on some parts for my Datsun pickup that I ordered over 2 weeks ago. Anyway, got new brake shoes, grips, throttle cable and kill switch and now I think all I need is the carb and a few little fasteners and it should be ready to run. I might have to trim my brake shoes since the grab on the top of the drum. Slight miss alignment on the bushing that the backing plate is welded to.
Datsun pickup? Must be an old one, '82 I think was the last year with the Datsun name.....someone will correct me.
That sounds right Freddie. If you missed it, it was just a year or 2...... My first car was a 1967 Datsun PL411. It was a yard car. I was 13 and we had a big yard that became a race track..........

Hey [MENTION=55860]RustyRedneck[/MENTION] Where the heck do you work???? That is some series plate with the chain run through it..... Man I know that building has to have an overhead crane.