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My Datsun is a 1973 620 pickup with a 1977 engine and 5 speed transmission in it. The engine and transmission came out of the one my Dad drove for 21 years. If requested I'll tell the story about it.

I work at Iroquois Ironworker Inc. We build press brakes, iron workers and hydraulic presses. Iroquois IronWorker | Hydraulic Ironworkers, Presses, And Press Brakes
I'm the machinist here and the plate I think you are talking about is 2 inch thick. It's a bed for one of our 8 foot brakes.
Got a carburetor order yesterday. It should be here Monday and hopefully I can have the thing running on Tuesday or Wednesday. Until then I'll try to sort out the brakes. The backing plate configuration will put the brake cable within and inch of the header tip which might not be a big deal but I'd rather make sure it isn't
Custom intake is awesome! I want ta do sumting like that on my tecs!
It's pretty simple. Just some sheet metal and pipe. I ran into the problems though of how to attach the governor arm, the original carburetor was non adjustable so I had to order one that is and will need to adjust he float on that as per Dr. Shop Teacher's recommendations since my intake runner is so short, he advised it'll probably flood easily. When doing a custom intake manifold and header, you change the properties of air flow through the engine. My suspicion was that the engine will be able to suck gas up easier than it originally could so it would run rich. Then the exhaust having less resistance will make it flow even easier and therefore it'd be more apt to run rich. Non of this has been confirmed yet really as I don't have an adjustable carb at this time. I'll find out once I get it. The reason I went with a custom intake and exhaust was because the intake would've been too close to the rear tire. It actually would've been part of it. And the exhaust pointed straight up in the stock form. The intake situation could've been solved by moving the engine forward or lengthening the frame. The exhaust would've had to been modified anyway though if I was to use this engine. For an air filter I'll be using a Valve cover breather like you can buy at an auto parts store for 17 bucks. Little on the higher end but not bad. I made absolutely no changes to the internal engine parts. Everything in there is as stock as the day it was pulled off a water pump. We'll have to see how it works out. I might end up burning it up but I doubt it.
Got the new carburetor modified and mounted. Had to modify the choke arm so I could actually move it since my air intake elbow is so close to it. Have to come up with a different link between my throttle lever that connects it to the governor. Then to hook up the throttle cable and brakes and test ride.
Throttle cable is installed and almost functional. It has enough resistance that it'll need another return spring to pull the cable back. A little more massaging of the cable and it should be good. After that, it's brakes, kill switch and ready for a test ride.
Got it wrapped up enough for test run yesterday so I put some gas in it today and grabbed my helmet not knowing how much of a deathtrap this would be and took it for a ride today. It rides pretty good but it idles high enough to drag the clutch to where you don't coast to a stop. Also I need to get more speed out of the engine because it doesn't seem to rev hardly at all. I reach the top speed in about 60 feet and from the way it sounds I'd be amazed if I'm getting over 1800 RPM. Maybe I need a heavier spring in my throttle linkage to pull harder on the governor arm. Anyway, it runs good and coasts pretty well but I didn't have my brakes hooked up so I had a little trouble stopping. Hopefully I can get it all sorted out by the end of the week so I can tear it apart and start painting it.
Got the RPM issue remedied and got some good speed out of it. All I had to do was shorten the governor spring and it got me a better top speed that is perfectly within the bounds of the engines capabilities. I might need to make an axle anchor for the rear as the slotted mounting holes tend to let the wheel slip forward the longer it's ridden. And pulling around my 250 pounds is not helping that situation. Soon it'll be time to paint and hopefully I can get it done by the deadline.
See if you can weld a tab on the frame behind the axle and use two 5/8" diameter eyebolts for chain tensioning. Be sure to weld the eyelet so it doesn't pull open. You can see what I'm talking about below (left). Glad you got the engine running well. It is a torque monster stock, and when accelerating, that straight pipe sounds great. By the way, I'd go Rat Rod Flat Black with the red engine shroud.
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I just welded a 3/8 nut to the rear axle mount and ran a threaded rod out to push on the axle nut. Hopefully this will keep this side anchored and the other side won't move because then I'd have to redo my braking system. I don't have room to do the set up you mentioned although I'd like to and with my drum brake on the other side I don't have room for a nut and bolt on that side either. This should work though. The axle is a piece of threaded rod with a couple sleeves I machined to space the bearings and keep the tension off of them. To adjust the chain tension I loosen up the left side just enough to be able to move the wheel back with the right side adjusting bolt and then tighten everything up after making sure the wheel is straight to the frame.
And here it is after tear down yesterday. Starting to prep for paint today.
I'm thinking flat black engine, red frame, black sheet metal. Found some paint yesterday good for 1200 degrees. Should be good for the engine and header pipe.
There comes a time when a guy must accept that things just aren't going to work out. I have reached that point. I have the frame, engine, fenders, tank intake, and exhaust painted but I still have the wheels, brakes, pegs, a shield, and the kickstand to sandblast and paint yet. I'm out of time. I won't be able to get it done for the 2017 build off but I'll keep working on it until it's done. With that, I'm withdrawing from the build off. Better luck next time I guess.
Without a doubt Chipper. I'm still working on it over break time. And I'm still closing the gap to being done. I'm really glad I entered the build off. I t gave me the motivation to stay with this build and I have learned a lot. I should have it done in the next few weeks here. Can't wait till next year. Maybe I'll choose a project I can get done in the time needed. Maybe it'll be my T555 Terrain Cycle. I'd like to get that thing running again. Anyway, thanks for the advice and support fellas!