Anything Goes! Scratch built Harrison

Thank you guys for the encouraging words. Went out to the garage to weld on the frame a bit. I got the seat straps welded on, and tacked up the neck tube to frame. Went to weld on the engine plates and realized that the plate was from a pak mule and not the Harrison. The pak mule plate is a little bit longer. Gonna have to make the proper plate before I can proceed.
I ran out of propane for the garage heater but I couldn't resist welding on a proper engine mounting plate.

I also found a set of original handle bars and a couple of original bar clamps although I don't have them in my possession yet so unsure of the condition. I'm hoping the chrome isn't totally gone. 20190114_192804.jpg
Got some propane this afternoon to tame the Michigan weather a bit. I welded on some jackshaft brackets and made and welded on the rear fender bracket. The jackshaft brackets aren't an original nor a copy of the originals, but a set that I purchased from OMB Warehouse a while back and had in the pile o stuff.
20190115_195116.jpg 20190115_195125.jpg