Anything Goes! Scratch built Harrison

So back from vacation and got everything settled back at home and work. Now to try and finish this bike. I ordered a battery, battery cables, and a kickstand.

I painted the forks and ended up taking the paint off it. Didn't like the color. I need to figure out a different color :confused:
Got the engine mounted, chain attached, jackshaft in position. Belt is positioned at 8 1/4" center to center. Mounted the voltage regulator and starter solenoid. Battery box is going just in front of the engine plate. I need to make a battery box still. I purchased a battery for a Honda Spree just because I remember them being smaller than a lawn tractor battery. I also got the throttle hooked up.
Here's where I'm at today. Bike is all put together and runs like a champ! I need to adjust the rear brake, add a couple of lock washers to the exhaust (it loosened up a bit after running), and add some decals to the clutch cover and chain guards. Electric start works fine along with the headlight, tail light, and brake light. Having a BBQ here shortly so I'm done for the day. Here are some pics, hope you guys enjoy! 20190527_132823.jpg 20190527_132835.jpg 20190527_132950.jpg 20190527_133001.jpg 20190527_132901.jpg