Sears mini bike 1965 Runabout?

Hello, I need help identifying this mini bike. My husband bought it about 8 yrs ago it's in all original condition and runs great. It says Genuine Craftsman 9.0 cubic in. on the pulley cover. It also has CAt 250x on clutch cover. We would like to know the age and approxamite value. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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This is my first post and I hope the pic shows up :)
It's an early 70' Cat 250X. The Engine has been changed at some point. Values are impossible to say....It's worth what somebody is willing to pay.

Here is a brochure pic.....
Very good eye indeed. What it would be is a 300SS frame with 250X forks. They went to the foldable foot pegs in mid 70' production so it is either a 69' or early 70' bike. I would need better pics of the triple trees on it to know for sure.

I have no doubt it came from the factory that way.
Since the clutch cover has 250X on it.... we gotta assume that is what it was intended to be.

Whatever it took to fill orders. I'm sticking with 70' as to the year after carefully looking at the pic of the triple trees....not to mention the color is the 70' "Competition Orange".
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someone probably put a craftman -sears / tecumseh motor on it, i don't know how many motors i went through as a kid, back than a new briiggs or tecumseh was about $40. $50. and thats a cool cat. i have one sitting in the garage waiting to be restored. :scooter:


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