Seeking comet belt # for heald vt5

Measure center to center, and look up the size (mfgsupply has a list). Chances are you'll be between two sizes, err to the smaller of the two belts, if so. Usually the larger of the two belts won't tension properly when you're between sizes and you run out of room to move the engine forward..
Somewhere back in time I read that the belt for a VT5 is a 884-80 which crosses to a modern P/N of 203580A-DF. Dims are 3/4Wx29-9/32"L. Should be a symmetric 20 series belt(?)
If you have a comet 30 series on it it will be a 203591. I will look up the CAT 99 when I get home. You might have a early one that uses the 99